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Organizational Analysis - Case Study Example

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Tesco is a retail multinational company that has its headquarters in Tesco Plc involved in food, mobile phones, fuel, electronics, wine, and other products. Tesco uses a number of platforms to achieve its global agenda including Giraffe Restaurants, Your Beauty Salon, Telecoms,…
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Organizational Analysis Case Study
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Extract of sample "Organizational Analysis"

Download file to see previous pages This study aims at analyzing the organization of Tesco through analyzing Tesco’s structure, internal and external environment, and Tesco culture and competitive advantage.
Organization structure involves the manner in which an organization relates with the employees, the production lines, processes and functions, and decision-making process in the organization (DuBrin, 2000). Tesco has a hierarchical structure as evidenced many levels and accountability to more than one person by the employees at Tesco, who have to make decisions before the information is handed over to the CEO for final decision-making. A hierarchical organization structure involves a large amount of workers answering t supervising officers who answer to another upper level and this continues to the CEO, at the highest level, Terry Leary at Tesco (DuBrin, 2000).. The hierarchical structure at Tesco allows the employees to have an understanding of their expected duties and carry them without having to be over supervised. The hierarchical structure at Tesco also clearly defines authority and responsibility for every employee ensuring everyone is aware of the costs that occur when the tasks are not fulfilled within the required timeframe.
Employees at Tesco are divided into various departments aimed at augmenting efficiency and better performance. The departments at Tesco include administration, finance, distribution, ICT, human resource, marketing, customer service, sales, research and development, and production. Each of the departments is responsible for different actions at Tesco to deliver growth and profitability aspirations of the organization. On products, Tesco has different product divisions determined on prices, packaging, and quality. These product divisions include Tesco Finest, Tesco, Tesco kids, Tesco Organic, Tesco Healthy living, and Tesco Value. Test Finest are products of the highest price and quality while Tesco Organic includes ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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