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Understanding Innovation and Change in an Organization - Coursework Example

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This essay discusses that the capacity to adapt and manage to various organizational changes allows for essential abilities of required business response in the workplace today. Business innovation and change accrue benefits from diversity of personality and backgrounds filling different roles…
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Understanding Innovation and Change in an Organization
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Extract of sample "Understanding Innovation and Change in an Organization"

Download file to see previous pages From this study highlights that the empowerment of employees allows room for improved performance in their work processes through provision of autonomy that promotes job satisfaction. Empowering employees to develop organization-wide innovation generates strong senses of teamwork and cohesion through ensuring that employees have an active awareness of organizational strategy and objectives. Change allows for implementation of policy and makes companies more efficient and prepared for daily business tasks. Organizations should learn of ways of becoming comfortable with changes within the business environment. Multiplicity of backgrounds and personality traits and types is accommodated through innovative processes requiring various skills and competences. Rapid organizational changes are difficult because culture, routines, and structure of organizations reflects the persistent imprint of historical performance. 
This study outlines that employees are not motivated to develop new ideas in environments where nobody listens to them. Some managers listen to ideas with reluctance to affect them and these results in loss of opportunities. Multiplicity of backgrounds and personality traits and types is accommodated through innovative processes requiring various skills and competences. One of the common barriers to change an innovation within organizations is leadership or management that is not receptive to new perspectives and ideas. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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