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Experiencing Management Information Systems - Assignment Example

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The author of this assignment "Experiencing Management Information Systems" comments on the management information issues. According to the text, Samantha should create ways to block new entrants into the market. Michael Porter asserted that new entrants erode profitability…
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Experiencing Management Information Systems
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Extract of sample "Experiencing Management Information Systems"

Finally, Samantha should take into consideration the bargaining power of customers and suppliers which can make her loose key suppliers and important customers (Kroenke, Bunker & Wilson, 2013).
b). Samantha has a competitive strategy which gives her an advantage over her rivals. During slow business times, she calls her former clients to remind them of the importance of trimming their trees on a daily basis. She reminded them of the services she provides to the members (O’Brien, James, Marakas & George, 2006).
C). Knowledge of her competitive advantage would help her greatly in her sales and marketing efforts. Since during times when business is weak she calls her clients to remind them of her services, this gives her a competitive advantage over her rivals who do not do the same. The idea of reminding customers is a marketing tool that would retain customers thus increasing sales (O’Brien, James, Marakas & George, 2006).
d). The information system that Samantha needs to use is the ABC model to lock in customers. According to Kroenke, Bunker, and Wilson, Samantha can use this model to make it expensive for her customers to switch to another service provider. Therefore, Samantha should make use of this system to keep customers (Kroenke, Bunker & Wilson, 2013). Read More
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