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Organisation Innovation:You should select an organisational process supported by technology; analyse it using concepts from either a technological determinist or a social construction of technology perspective - Assignment Example

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In the modern business environment, innovation is important as it helps to provide updated product and maintain competitive position of business in the market. Due to emergence…
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Organisation Innovation:You should select an organisational process supported by technology; analyse it using concepts from either a technological determinist or a social construction of technology perspective
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Extract of sample "Organisation Innovation:You should select an organisational process supported by technology; analyse it using concepts from either a technological determinist or a social construction of technology perspective"

Download file to see previous pages Innovation is generally considered as the main engine towards global economic growth. There are many reasons for an organization to innovate including capturing new market, strengthen customer base, replacing outdated products and increase the choice of products.
Early studies of this paradigm made by scholars such as Haaroff (1983) pointed out that “the production culture”, i.e. social condition gave rise to innovation in buying ticket online. In this particular essay, the researcher has focused on analysing a brief description to what extent the theory of social construction of technology (SCOT) structured the tendency of the people as well as the firm towards fulfilling the online ticketing needs.
According to Atuahene-Gima (1996, p.160), “innovation is inextricably linked with the creativity”. Innovation and creativity is interrelated with each other, as finding a solution to the innovation process requires creativity. Innovation covers practical application of marketing invention, however, inversion is also possible without a prior invention. Organizational innovation has various purposes and depending on that many definitions are there to describe it, each of which are partly overlapped with the different aspect of capture. Crane (1997) defined that, innovation is professional development concept where it looks for some new balanced and aggressive ambitions. Even though the organizational environment is not given, constant movement and struggle can create a dynamic and sensitive selection process. Thus, in broader sense, innovation is a process that involves both, process and outcomes to improve existing service and transfer the best ideas to the marketing, manufacturing and distributing. However, innovation is not limited in the science and technology, but is also segmented in several areas, including administrative, social system and business.
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