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Netflix case study - Essay Example

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In the paper “Netflix case study” the author conducted a strategic evaluation and situational analysis of Netflix company. He provides summary of his recommendations that should be implemented. Netflix has suffered negative criticism in the market…
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Netflix case study
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Extract of sample "Netflix case study"

Download file to see previous pages Netflix is facing stiff competition from other players such as You Tube, Video on Demand and iTunes that offer cheaper and reliable movie products (Thompson 138). A key success factor in the future movie industry is the ability to control and dominate the various movie distribution channels such as the Apple iPhone distribution channels, internet distribution channels and rental channels. The ease of access, pricing and size of content library are key success factors in the new movie rental industry since customers require convenience and wide-variety of entertainment content. Netflix should invest in proprietary software that will allow the customer easy-of-use and recommend movies depending on prior customer streaming or search terms on the movie library (Thompson 142). The success of Netflix will require the company to manage its costs in order to reduce the rental business costs and continue focusing on technology to deliver the movies to the customers. According to 2012 survey, many consumers asserted that unlimited internet streaming offered better customer value than pay-per view option. Long-term partnerships with electronic manufacturers will improve the market reach and enable Netflix acquire new customers in its streaming option business (Thompson 144). Netflix is facing the threat of pirated streaming library and stiff competition from more innovative movie rental providers such as Apple’s iTunes, Blockbuster, Amazon Instant video and You Tube. (Thompson 142). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Netflix Case Study Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words)
Netflix Case Study Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
“Netflix Case Study Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words”, n.d.
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Case study Netflix the customers is very large, starting from alternative sources of movie rentals and ending reading books or playing games instead. So the substitutes force is rather negative for Netflix. The threat of new entrants is quite strong since, with the development of new technologies, more and more companies are moving online. In addition, the Netlix’ industry is not too expensive to enter. Furthermore, the competition is already rather strong. So, in general the five-forces analysis leads to the conclusion that the competiti8ve forces confronting Netflix in the DVD rental marketplace are, in most cases, strong. 2. How is the online movie rental business changing? What are the underlying...
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...? Netflix Question What is Netflix’s strategy? Netflix, an online company that rents DVD movies to its s has various strategies that ensure that its other customers do not take their customers. Some of the strategies include, avoiding overhead costs like utilities and rent to run physical stores instead they use the capital to ensure they have all the DVDS their clients and subscribers need. Netflix also have a marketing strategy that allows customers to rent movies online and the faster they return the more chances of getting other movies at low rates compared to Netflix competitors. Customers save their money in rental fees because they are promised new...
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NETFLIX CASE STUDY- FINANCE AND COMPANY ANALYSIS offer better products and services to the participants. One of the recommendations that have been given to Netflix is to adapt the technology of Kiosk and implement it in the United States. Netflix as has been a prominent name in USA market, and therefore by implementing this technology the company would be able to better serve and satisfy its customers. So, in this case the view element would include the factors such as competition, convenience for the customers and other factors. However the platform that the company would be using is the adapting the kiosk technology to attract more customers and increase the value of the goods and services they are delivering to the...
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...A Summary of Key Financial Ratios for Netflix Ratios Calculations (Approximate Values in 000s) Values Impact LIQUIDITY RATIOS Current Ratio 3,967/ 3,223 1.23 Strength Quick Ratio 3,967-0/ 3,223 1.23, Inventory=0 Strength LEVERAGE RATIOS Debt to Total Assets 1147:3968 0.1241 Weakness Debt to Equity 1147:745 1.53 Strength LT Debt to Equity 200: 199.1 1.004 Strength Times Interest Earned Ratio 30.5:20 1.525 Strength ACTVITY RATIOS Inventory Turnover 3609.3: 0 NA, Inventory =0 Neutral Fixed Asset Turnover 3609.3: 131.7 27.405 Strength Total Asset Turnover 3609.3: 3967.7 0.9096 Weakness Account Receivable Turnover Annual Credit Sales= 0, Account Rec= 0 NA Neutral Avg Collection Period Account Rec=0 , Credit Sales=...
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...Case study- Netflix This paper aims to discuss the strategies of Netflix while analyzing the impact of five forces model of competition, driving forces of change, future of movie rental industry, keys to successful competition and the strategic changes made by Netflix. The Five Forces Model of Competition Analysis on Netflix Forces Rating Buyer Bargaining Power High Firms in other industries attempting to win buyers over to substitute products High Supplier bargaining power High The threat of new entrants into the market High The strength of the rivalry to attract customers among competing sellers in an industry. High I have rated all...
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