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The Movie Rental Industry of the Future - Assignment Example

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In the paper “The Movie Rental Industry of the Future” the author provides an evaluation of the movie rental industry of the future and market forces. He demonstrates that Netflix has to adopt a new strategy in order to survive and thrive in future…
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The Movie Rental Industry of the Future
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Extract of sample "The Movie Rental Industry of the Future"

Download file to see previous pages It is highly likely that customers will pay per minute for streaming. As a result, it should invest in its streaming services and an online platform (Chapter 3 55). However, it should consider developing features that allow users to view the movies offline. For example, there can be an option for users to download content from the site. Furthermore, industries are being disrupted at an overwhelming pace. As a result, they cannot afford to stick to the present strategy. Instead, it should develop a strategy that is responsive to changes in the market.
 In order for Netflix to achieve more growth and prosperity in the movie rental industry, it needs to change tack on some things. In addition, it also needs to adopt some new strategies so as to prepare itself for the movie rental industry of the future. Firstly, the organization needs to stop relying on established entertainment houses for content. It should focus on creating its own original content. Although the initial cost of investment will be high, the long-term rewards will be phenomenal. In addition, it will enable it to reduce its operating costs by eliminating the licensing fees paid (Chapter 3 151)
 Secondly, the organization needs to expand into China, Nigeria, India, and South Africa. The four countries have an established entertainment industry that would be glad to partner with an organization that gives them a platform to reach more consumers. Thirdly, the organization needs to come up with an appropriate pricing plan that enables them to make a profit on their investment but also makes it possible for the price-conscious consumer to buy their service. In addition, it needs to establish different packages for consumers.
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