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Emergency Response and Promoting Safety - Research Paper Example

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The paper "Emergency Response and Promoting Safety" highlights that safety in a construction company is important because machines do most of the construction activities. So, there are high chances of machine accidents owing to power failure, machine faultiness, and employee carelessness…
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Emergency Response and Promoting Safety
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Extract of sample "Emergency Response and Promoting Safety"

Emergency Response and Promoting Safety
An emergency plan refers to a written document used in the facilitation and organization of actions of employers and employees, especially when emergencies occur within an organization. The essentials of an emergency action plan include prompt action, synergy, and cooperation. A company can develop plans towards location-specific plans through the diversification of their operations. Additionally, the objective can be achieved through the expansion of the emergency stand-by operation. The location specific plan can be created through comprehensive learning in the workplace (Goetsch, 2010). An emergency action plan is crucial because it reduces the number of casualties of a particular emergency. In this case, the severity of injuries is also reduced considerably. The plan also enhances swift evacuation of people and property, which is under threat. The response to emergency helps calm down an overwrought situation to avoid further havoc.
The innovative methods used to keep workers safe and healthy includes training on the response to emergencies. The other method used is continuous evaluation of the emergency plan instituted to grasp the strategies applied during the emergencies. The company can also offer to train the employees on the usage of workplace machines and equipment to reduce the probability of any accident. The methods are useful in a construction company in the sense that they ensure that they enable the employees to take precautions while working. According to Goetsch (2010), a construction company is prone to many risks including falling objects. The methods will ensure that the employees are aware of the guidelines for emergencies and the response actions required. The training carried out ensures that the team promptly responds to an emergency. Training also equips the workforce with proficient skills on safety and health standards.
Safety in a construction company is important because machines do most of the construction activities. For that reason, there are high chances of machine accidents owing to power failure, machine faultiness, and employee carelessness. Incentive programs can be employed in a construction company in a bid to promote safety of the employees (Goetsch, 2010). Incentive programs ensure that employees who complete their tasks without any injury receive rewards. The initiative will ensure that all construction employees work towards minimizing accidents. The steps for the success of the incentives include creation of awareness to the employees. Informing the employees concerning the incentives in advance is also important. Additionally, the construction employees ought to be forewarned that any award given will be recovered in case the winner reverts to commission of construction site errors. The errors are the proximate cause of an emergency.
The emergency planning and community right to know Act is a statute aimed at improvement of society regarding chemical hazard information access. The Act is also used in the development of emergency plans relating to the chemical hazards. According to Goetsch (2010), the Act is implemented by chemical emergency plan commissions who are responsible for the co-ordination of the response teams. The foremost components of the Act include the right to know, the chemical hazard involved, the emergency team responsible for responding to the chemical hazard emergency, and the resources required for the emergency response. The law provides the public with sufficient information pertaining to response to chemical hazard emergencies. The guidelines help the community to apply the same strategies in their homes and premises where such an emergency has occurred.
Goetsch, D. L. (2010). Construction safety and the OSHA standards. Upper Saddle River, NJ:
Prentice Hall. Read More
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