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In the event of a national disaster, communications lines and networks are usually destroyed to an extent that communication between disaster response agencies…
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Introduction to National Response Framework
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Introduction to National Response Framework Introduction to National Response Framework When several agenciesattempt to coordinate during a National Disaster, there are several issues that usually arise. In the event of a national disaster, communications lines and networks are usually destroyed to an extent that communication between disaster response agencies becomes hectic, if not impossible (Amin & Goldstein, 2008). For example, during Hurricane Katrina, numerous state as well as local public safety agencies were devastated with their facilities and equipment suffering massive destruction. There was complete destruction of communications infrastructure, which left the agencies without any reliable communication network for coordinating operations geared towards emergency response. The fire dispatch and police centers were rendered inaccessible by floods in affected areas like New Orleans.
In the event of a disaster, incident command structures provide the chance for local agencies’ officials to control response operations, learn about the magnitude of the problem, manage assets, and also to prompt assistance from State administration. In the absence of any incident command structure, it becomes impossible for local emergency response leaders to effectively direct their efforts or issue any command on local operations. All communication apparatus, including safety radio calls and 911 worked properly prompting people to communicate via written papers placed on bottles and dropping them from aircrafts. The officials of local emergency response agencies could not locate any command structures operating normally under the tumult. There was complete communication infrastructure breakdown, which completely jeopardized the efforts of local emergency response agencies. The roads were all out of place, which made it more difficult to ensure effect response to the disaster. The need for Federal Government to enhance its ability to swiftly and effectively collect environmental information and supply local agencies with adequate data remains imperative for effective disaster response.
Amin, S., & Goldstein, M. P. (2008). Data against natural disasters: Establishing effective systems for relief, recovery, and reconstruction. Washington DC: World Bank. Read More
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