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Why is workplace bullying an important issue in managing people at work - Essay Example

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Organization bullying is defined as unreasonable conduct aimed targeting a specific individual or a group of persons in a workplace by inflicting injury to both health and safety of an individual. For a conduct to be term as bullying, it must be persistent and offensive in…
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Why is workplace bullying an important issue in managing people at work
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Extract of sample "Why is workplace bullying an important issue in managing people at work"

Download file to see previous pages Other that interfering with the physical well being of a person, bullying also inflicts psychological injury leading to deterioration of the victim’s helath. Despite that fact that a victim of bullying can legally claim for compensation, there is no specific compensation-value for psychological injury and the management should view bullying as a serious offence of potential threat to the organizational returns (Quigg, 2011).
Several societies globally have raised interest concerning workplace bullying with communities such as government bodies and labor unions tying to seek for the best possible alternatives to eliminate such a vice. Most of the scholarly articles classify that majority of employees have directly experienced workplace bullying while a good number have also observed such happenings in their work institutions (Quigg, 2011). Workplace bullying is of critical concerns when it comes to managing people at work because it subjects an organizations to produces almost nothing or generate productivity far much less below their required capacity thus hurting the organization productivity and leading to a serious loss.
Oade & Palgrave (2009), clarifies that it is critical for the management to embrace bullying and harassment tolerance within an organization since they pose serious threats to the production returns. Besides, workplace bullying interferes with the ability of employees from effective and efficient performance inline of their duties. Any slightest negativity as a result of bullying is perceived to be of potential financial loss to both the organization and to the employees themselves. The varying nature of workplace bullying shows that employees are exposed to varied number of symptoms. At some instances, employees experience cannot be associated with bullying. However, some of the common characteristics of bullying in an organization are:
Oade & Palgrave (2009), explains that, when bullying is allowed to prevail ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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