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Management 4330 - Research Paper Example

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An effective manager creates a balance such to enable a diverse range of skills and personalities. (Schermerhorn 48).According to the above results, it is a path to self-awareness.
Most of the results are very close to…
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Management 4330
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Personal Assessment Managerial Skills Questions Personal Associate Associate 2 2 2 2 2. 5 5 3 3.

Personal Assessment Managerial Skills
Good management involves understanding how a team operates. An effective manager creates a balance such to enable a diverse range of skills and personalities. (Schermerhorn 48).According to the above results, it is a path to self-awareness.
Most of the results are very close to the truth. The scores show clearly that I can make a competent manager due to the various skills I possess to deal with people as well as handling difficult decisions. I promote equality and fairness but I possess the ability to take tough action when necessary.
This survey puts me in the first quartile; it therefore clearly shows that as compared to my associates, I make an effective manager. This strengthens my confidence to put the best in my work as well as offering encouragement to improve my skills. I rank among the top as compared to other students who undertook this exercise. Being in the first quartile did not surprise me as I am aware of my positive abilities affecting my work and those around me.
My capability of organizing people according to their skills is on the higher side. I know how to assign roles to different people according to how well they can perform them. Identifying the areas they are competent in as well as their strengths and weaknesses. This is among my strong points that make a competent manager. Secondly, is that I am able to generate multiple solutions for solving a problem rather than depending on just one way of tackling a problem. I take time to go through the best solutions for a problem after studying it rather than just offering one temporary solutions that will only be short term.
However, the above data shows areas that I need to improve on. I take this positively as this is a way of improving myself in how I work and relate with other people. I use too many positive comments even where negative comments are of essence. This is can be an encouragement for some people might to take advantage of the situation and present substandard work because they know they will not get negative comments (Lussier 60). I should tell it like it is and give negative comments where necessary. This will make people work hard and present quality work as nobody wants to look like a failure in his or her job.
Another area I need to improve on according to this survey is encouraging people to develop their strengths rather than just overcoming weaknesses. This way people will be independent in the decisions they make, and also improve on the quality of their skills.
Compared to other associates, my skills of good management vary greatly as I rank in the top category while the others are in the second quartile. This shows that I would make a better manager than those am compared with in the table above. This exercise has proven useful to me as it affirms my capabilities as well as gauging the level I am at now with a reflection of who I will become in the future.
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Management 4330 Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
“Management 4330 Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words”, n.d.
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