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1: Inventory Management Systems CIS200 - Assignment Example

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Such systems have numerous benefits like elimination of paperwork, reduced inventory levels, shortened time to deliver items, shortened…
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Assignment 1: Inventory Management Systems CIS200
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Download file to see previous pages This system will deliver big savings on time and resources over the manual system. Customers would be able to order their desired clothing outfits without necessarily visiting the clothing store. Besides, the store would be able to identify urgent orders and make appropriate schedules meet the demands.
Automatic inventory systems work well with software for capturing information. The system eliminates manual entry of information. Barcoding enables the linkage between a scanner and the program of an inventory system for automatic tracking and management of store stock. Barcoding that captures information for every clothing item received (Anthony, 2005; Alan, 2005). Barcoding enables faster retrieval of clothing information using either UPC or SKU when the clothing store staff member scans the item. It helps in tracking quantity of specific items sold. Besides, this system makes it possible to know the financial returns from specific projects, hence helps in the restocking of clothing.
Systems, which assist in tracking how clothing comes in and goes out of the store, is an essential asset. Constant monitoring and watching these events helps restock or increase the volume of a particular line of clothing (Manual/Automated Inventory Management, 2015). Therefore, accurate tracking of such information will eradicate the possibilities of having small volumes of stocks that sells well. Although small stores keep low stock, it is possible that unexpected boom in sales may occur. It eradicates the possibilities of catching the store personnel off-guard. Such measures justify the need to install an ideal system that quickly detects and indicates the need to restock additional supplies when the inventory falls below a critical level.
This tool is appropriate for small sized entrepreneurial ventures dealing with clothing. The hand-held device connects to the inventory system and is used for capturing and entering inventory ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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