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Negotiation plan/Participation - Admission/Application Essay Example

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This is a method through which disputing parties come to an amicable settlement to mitigate the disputes. Negotiation generally takes place in government branches, businesses, legal cases and in…
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Negotiation plan/Participation
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Extract of sample "Negotiation plan/Participation"

Download file to see previous pages Without the proper negotiation, conflicts of interest can be detrimental for the arguing parties. Negotiation is a complex but effective process can be designed with help of different steps. Those steps are preparation, discussion, and goals clarification, negotiation towards an outcome, agreement and implementation of action. In this study, different factors related with the negotiation will be discussed in details.
The main issue behind any negotiation is to understanding the desired outcomes of the negotiating parties. It is evident that parties enter into the negotiation process without fixing their needs or requirements out of the negotiation. This is a significant issue that can disturb the whole negotiation process.
Knowing the opposition in the process of the negotiation is also an issue. It is significantly important to know the opposition and their views but understanding the strengths and weaknesses of the opposition is a complex matter.
Presentation during the process of negotiation is also an important but critical issue. It is very important for the presenter to showcase the benefit of all parties out of a negotiation. It is often being noticed that due to improper presentation negotiation process has been failed.
Anticipating the responses, reaction and objections is also an integral issue for the process of negotiation. It is not at all easy to understand or anticipate the thought process of other negotiating persons.
Negotiating parties often come up with predetermined outcomes and they originally don’t want any amicable solutions out of the negotiation and create unnecessary intentional disturbances during the course of negotiation process. This is an issue difficult to control through negotiations.
To listening the whole negotiation process carefully is significantly important, but it is being observed that negotiating parties do not listen to other person ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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