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Describe and explain strategic and short-term planning processes and their importance in management. Identify and discuss various types of financial accounting and control methods - Assignment Example

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This is because they always help business managers in steering business organizations towards the achievement of their goals, missions, and objective. They can…
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Describe and explain strategic and short-term planning processes and their importance in management. Identify and discuss various types of financial accounting and control methods
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Extract of sample "Describe and explain strategic and short-term planning processes and their importance in management. Identify and discuss various types of financial accounting and control methods"

Download file to see previous pages There are two strategies that are going to be used in this discussion. The first of the two is a strategy that was aimed at raising capital amounting to raise $1.5 million from a certain investor. The business strategy was developed by the Manufacturing and Marketing Beverage Appliances, Inc. (2MBA, Inc.). Manufacturing and Marketing Beverage Appliances, Inc. (2MBA, Inc.) has the dedication to developing an innovative beverage equipment that will be used by major food brands. The company is run by a team of four managers who own 60% of the company’s equity and have two of the bard positions. They are supported by a shareholder by the name Brian Pelerman who own 10% equity and is a member of the board. The strategy suggests that the investor will be given two seats on the board. The strategy also advocates for the appointment of an independent chairman.
The full implementation of the strategy will lead to the introduction of two new products to the market. One of the products that are supposed to be introduced is known as La Barista. La Barista is an espresso machine that will enable brewers to produce high quality coffee. It is so fast that is manages to do that in just four seconds. It produces coffee from soluble coffee powder. La Barista is a single boiler with the capability of producing both water and steam. This innovation will eliminate the need for a barista. It also requires low maintenance.
The other product that will definitely be introduced if this strategy is successful is known as a Mobile Vending Unit (MVU) which is a retailing cart with high portability, ease of operation, and durability. This will enable the delivery at customer’s convenience. It is also cheaper and more secure as compared to the traditional ones.
The company has a contract with expecting them to supply 2,300 MVU and La Baristas in the next five years. The ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Describe and Explain Strategic and Short-Term Planning Processes and Assignment)
Describe and Explain Strategic and Short-Term Planning Processes and Assignment.
“Describe and Explain Strategic and Short-Term Planning Processes and Assignment”, n.d.
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