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Is P&G a world-class organization - Research Paper Example

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The paper "Is P&G a world-class organization?" describes that P&G is considered as a world-class organization not only for the innovation concept but also for the environmental sustainability goals. In order to increase the quantity of renewable energy, P&G decided to plant more plants and trees…
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Is P&G a world-class organization
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The ways by which P&G manage changes
Procter & Gamble is an American consumer good organization offering numerous products in the entire globe. Being a small soap and candle preparing company, P&G became a multinational organization dealing in consumer goods industry. P&G became successful in maintaining such a huge change mainly due to the core strengths such as consumer understanding, innovation, brand building, go-to-market capabilities and scale. Consumer understanding helped the organization to attain a detailed analysis about the preferences and demands of the customers with changing times. After knowing the changed preferences, the organization also tries to develop varied types of innovative products. This strategy helped the organization to enhance its brand image and portfolio in the market among other rival players. Moreover, the organization also developed the products as per the rules and regulations of the industry so as to enhance the reliability and trust of the customers. P& G also enhanced the operations, technologies and inner knowledge of the employees in order to satisfy the demands of the customers effectively.
Source: (Procter & Gamble, 2014).
Does P&G tries to expand into new markets or not?
P&G does not concentrate in one market but the organization always tries to expand into new markets so as to amplify its brand value and market share. In order to do so, P&G always tried to offer high attention over consumer understanding. Consumer understanding helped to analyze the changed preferences of the customers and innovation satisfies them entirely. Moreover, with the help of innovation, numerous inventive products and services are developed that may amplify the profitability and loyalty of the organization among others and, by inventing varied types of new products, a wide range of customers might get attracted towards the brand that may enhance the demand and portfolio as compared Johnson & Johnson, Kimberly-Clark etc. Hence, innovation helped to improve the operating income and total revenue of P&G by US$ 14.48 billion in 2014 and US$ 84.17 billion in 2013.
Is P&G a world-class organization?
P&G is considered as a world-class organization not only for the innovation concept but also for the environmental sustainability goals. In order to increase the quantity of renewable energy, P&G decided to plant more plants and trees. This procedure helped to enhance the amount of renewable energy by 30 percent. Then, P&G also tried to replace the petroleum based materials by sustainably developed renewable materials. The company also offered high concentration in reducing the packaging materials by 20 percent that improved the sustainability. It also focused on conservation of resources such as water, materials, energy etc and tried to eliminate the amount of wastes (Procter & Gamble, 2014).
The organization also focuses on health and hygiene of the consumers such as housing and sanitation. Such type of social responsibilities facilities enhanced the profitability and market demand of the products as compared to others. However, all these activities proved extremely effective for the organization and enhanced its reputation and dominance in global perspectives.
Procter & Gamble, (2014 a). Core Strengths. Retrieved from: Read More
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