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Down East Spud Busters National Distribution Program - Research Paper Example

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The author of this paper "Down East Spud Busters National Distribution Program" touches upon the company's activities within the distribution program. It is stated that in the company plans to hire sales associates who will receive the products from the center and sell them to different clients…
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Down East Spud Busters National Distribution Program
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Extract of sample "Down East Spud Busters National Distribution Program"

Down East Spud Busters’ National Distribution Program
Company goals
To improve their product line to sell more potato products
Process higher value potato products
Expand the company’s market
Implement a new distribution strategy
In the distribution program, the company plans to hire sales associates who will receive the products from the centre and sell them to different clients in a specific region. This is after an assessment of the market which is expected to have smaller retail grocers, supermarket chains, major hotel chains and government/institutional kitchens. This is a large market and the sales associate will be expected to identify and convince these customers in a specific region. The sales associate is given a specific target to meet, which means he can decide to focus on one line for example the supermarkets and government institutions, or look for individual business entities. Because the company wants to improve its sales and capture a large market, the sales associate will be expected to work hard towards convincing most business entities that can buy the products. The sales associates can have their operating centers in each region, and should receive feedback from the clients concerning the products of sales services.
The HR policies and procedures should be changed to incorporate the new strategy of distributing the products. The company expects to sell in several regions using sales associates. Policies should include restrictions on product storage, handling and management of center stores. Procedures should guide the sales associate on how they will manage the regional centers and distribution of the products. The company should develop a portfolio indicating the skills experience and qualities needed in a sales associate to help it achieve its goals. This will guide its recruitment (Bateman & Snell, 2013).
Industries that could use this model are;the agricultural industry, the automotive industry, and Food and beverage industry among others. An ice cream producer could use this model and get so many customers. The same applies to a baker. Some food stuff however, cannot be distributed in this manner, the model can still be implemented is stores are constructed in specific regions, like most coffee shops have done. Another example is the retail industry.

Bateman, T. and Snell, S. (2013). Management: Third Edition. New York: McGraw-Hill Higher Education. Read More
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