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Strategic Thinking in Hatching Twitter by Nick Bilton - Book Report/Review Example

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The book “Hatching Twitter: A True Story of Money, Power, Friendship, and Betrayal” was written by Nick Bilton. There are four main characters in the book they are Jack, Noah, Biz, and Ev. These characters at the time of working on Odeo conceived of Twitter which was a kind of doomed attempt…
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Strategic Thinking in Hatching Twitter by Nick Bilton
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Extract of sample "Strategic Thinking in Hatching Twitter by Nick Bilton"

Download file to see previous pages Bilton writing with veracity and pacing of details of a book that is related to a true crime utilizes source material in terms of internal emails of Twitter and even extensive interviews with all the early tweets that are by the founders and the result of which is fast-paced as well as exciting as described by the topic. This book is not meant for those who consider Twitter to be a global communication platform but if someone is looking for well written, human drama that has been thoroughly researched, story related to a dysfunctional foursome and the accelerated unraveling of the partnership that was once so brilliant this is the right book to gain insights. At the initial phase, any business can be chaotic but the author describes Twitter to be chaos in the early stages as well as in the current year that is even in 2011. Its strategy, management, finances, and core technology was not comprehensive but was settled. The majority of the employees did not have any idea as to who was minding the entire store. There was a lot of backdrop for the company but it was about to become worth $15B. The author does not drive in any form of punches but calls out Jack Dorsey who is the successor of self-anointed Steve Jobs and that too with justification. Jack Dorsey often comes in the form of a person who is cunning, petulant and egomaniacal. There were doubts that this person was evolving as the iconic leader of Apple and this particular book has been able to confirm this doubt. However, it was interesting to visualize the way in which platform thinking was embraced by Twitter. The cofounders of Twitter had been able to analyze the fact that success in the current scenario often hinges on the rapid pace of innovation from an ecosystem of a company. The certain recommendations that were proposed by others for the core product of Twitter encompassed hashtag, @symbol, and the retweet button. It, however, did not matter much as to whether Ev, Biz, and Jack found any significant enhancement to be useful but millions of users of Twitter did find it useful.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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