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This paper "Visual Representation of Public Health Leadership Theory" focuses on the visual representation of leadership theory which addresses the literature gap. First, the visual representation has been developed as an approach for all organizations in the field of public health.  …
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Visual Representation of Public Health Leadership Theory
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Download file to see previous pages Similarly, the visual representation is directly linked to healthcare organizations, this is more specific, as compared to the literature of Zalenznik, A. (1977), which discusses the leadership aspect, but does not link the discussion directly to health care organizations.
The visual representation is also diverse, with regard to the purpose of healthcare organizations. In the literature, Vladeck (1992) considered that the major purpose of healthcare organizations is only the public interest. However, in the visual representation, it has been shown that healthcare organizations have other responsibilities that are not tied to the public, to fulfil. For instance, this shows that healthcare organizations have responsibilities to fulfil for the employees of the organization, other organizations of same interest and the state, and finally, the community and society, which can be labelled as the public.
In addition, the visual representation provides a system that healthcare organizations can adopt in order to ensure that they fulfil their mandate to the public. In the literature, there was no provision of a system that could help healthcare organizations and their leaders to protect their clients, and fulfil their mandate to the public. However, by clarifying the values that a leader should embrace, as well as the different relationships they should value and strengthen, the visual representation offers public health organizations and leaders a way of ensuring that they fulfil their mandate appropriately.
The visual representation is also broader in its approach to leadership in public health. This is not inclined to only one aspect of leadership, as in the case of Vroom (2007), who only addresses the situational aspects of leadership in public health. The visual representation has addressed the values of a leader, relationships, outcomes, as well as antecedents. This has also shown how the leadership values can be acquired by an individual.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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