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Week one day one - Assignment Example

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According to Locke (1969) job satisfaction is the satisfying and confident state of employees which arises as the evaluated result of job performed. A strong…
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Week one day one
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Extract of sample "Week one day one"

Employee Behaviour EMLOYEE BEHAVIOUR In my opinion job satisfaction is the factor which will have a significant impact on the behaviour elicited by employees. According to Locke (1969) job satisfaction is the satisfying and confident state of employees which arises as the evaluated result of job performed. A strong relationship can be identified between various variables. For example job satisfaction can be related to moods, perception, values and general attitudes. An employee who is satisfied with his job will depict organizational commitment, will be loyal, motivated, show employee engagement, perform well and will depict organization citizenship behaviour. On the other hand if employees are not satisfied they will show work deviant behaviour, cyber loafing, presenteeism and counterproductive behaviour.
As there should be person-job fit for an employee to perform exceptionally. An employee would only be satisfied when there is person-organization, person-supervisor, person-ability and person-environment fit. A manager can deploy an employee at such a tasks where the employee’s mental and physical abilities matches with the job. The five factor model helps to determine the personality traits and it can be effectively used to determine the personality of employees and placement can be made where they can perform well. For example employees high on openness will perform better at creative jobs, those high on extroversion will be good at sales, those on agreeableness with perform better as a team leader and those high on conscientiousness will perform better on conventional jobs. By accessing the personality types a manager can align the job type with personality to achieve maximum results.
If I am the manager I would use big five personality questionnaire to assess the personality types. It would also be the part of recruitment process to ensure that employee’s personality will be aligned to the job he/she will perform. Also for the current employees it will help to determine areas which need training, for example increasing the emotional stability with help of stress management training sessions. The results will be evaluated with the help of feedback forms; they will also be depicted through employee job satisfaction, performance and work behaviour.

Locke, E. A. (1969). What is job satisfaction? Organizational Behavior and Human Performance, 4, 309-336.
Barrick, M., & Mount, M. (1991). The big five personality dimensions and job performance: a meta-analysis. Personnel Psychology. Read More
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Week One Day One Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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