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Celebrities Endorsement to a Brand Promotion - Dissertation Example

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The current project "Celebrities’ Endorsement to a Brand Promotion?" primarily aims at discussing to what extent the potential masses are influenced by celebrities, how they stimulate their purchasing decision and how media is used for the celebrity endorsement…
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Celebrities Endorsement to a Brand Promotion
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Extract of sample "Celebrities Endorsement to a Brand Promotion"

Download file to see previous pages Celebrities acted as the spokesperson to promote and advertise the product, services and sometimes ideas. Those celebrities usually came from the movie, sports, modelling and art scene industry. British actor Lillie Langtry was the first celebrity endorser appeared on the package of Pears soap in the year 1893. In that era, advertisers used celebrities in order to dictate the market trend. According to Belch’s research (2009), endorsers can be divided into three different groups that are experts, celebrities, and lay endorsers (Belch and Belch, 2009). An expert can be defined as having some specific knowledge in particular area that can be promoted. Usually experts are chosen because of their thorough knowledge. When a dentist is used in toothpaste commercial then the dentist can be defined as an expert. Lay endorsers are those who are initially unknown to their audience. It has been seen that these individuals are selected according to the target segment so that, target segment can relate themselves with the endorser and the message. Audio advertisement and the voice-over in video advertisements are usually that of a lay endorser. According to Kambitsis et al, uses of celebrities are becoming more sophisticated as well as more complicated. Popularity of using celebrities in USA increased from around 15% to 25 % and it has been seen that more than 20% of the Television commercials feature celebrities. It can be proved that the use of celebrities in advertising generates lot of attention and publicity from public. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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