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How Technology is Changing the Face of Business Today 1 - Assignment Example

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Technology is playing a critical role in the face of business today especially in increasing sales and profits as demonstrated by the Walmart and Amazon stories. For instance, technology enables organizations to achieve a global presence hence reaching several customers. A…
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How Technology is Changing the Face of Business Today 1
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Extract of sample "How Technology is Changing the Face of Business Today 1"

Technology and Business Technology and Business Technology is playing a critical role in the face of business today especially in increasing sales and profits as demonstrated by the Walmart and Amazon stories. For instance, technology enables organizations to achieve a global presence hence reaching several customers. A company such as Coca Cola has spread its presence on social media forums especially Facebook and Twitter to connect with its widespread customers (Scott, 2006). The strategy is paramount because it boosts marketing in terms breaking the restrictions often imposed by print ads. It, thus, introduces email and internet marketing where the operation of the business is presenting in an entertaining way.
Therefore, the most critical business processes that largely use information system in Coca Cola Company include customer service and communication. In retrospect, productivity is improved because employees perform their roles and responsibilities with ease when dealing with customers. Additionally, efficiency and transparency is increased when information systems are constantly used in conducting business particularly in issues of marketing (Abrams, 2003). Overall, production processes remain the greatest beneficiary of new technology platforms used by Coca Cola.
In Coca Cola Company, IT is the driving force that makes business process faster, cheaper, and more accurate. This is through new communication formats that are easy to manage between the clients and the management. For example, the use of social media forums, text messaging, and teleconferencing ensures that customer-savvy customers are better in selecting their preferred goods and services (Roberts, 2011). It also improves their choices and decisions when giving a feedback or complaint.
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Scott, D. (2006). I. T. Wars: Managing the Business Technology Weave in the New Millennium. New York, NY: SAGE. Read More
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