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(Technology Supporting Business Processes 2 ) - Assignment Example

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It is used both by the private and public businesses. The main purpose of a business information system is usually to utilize computer-based data processing. This is…
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(Technology Supporting Business Processes 2 )
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Extract of sample "(Technology Supporting Business Processes 2 )"

POSITIVE IMPACT OF INFORMATION SYSTEM IN BUSINESSES Present information systems have resorted to being an important element for the achievement of business goals. It is used both by the private and public businesses. The main purpose of a business information system is usually to utilize computer-based data processing. This is meant to ease operations in a business setting. Some of these operations include transactions; managing; communicating within the firm; responding to consumer feedback; among many more. Information systems positively affect the performance of businesses.
The business information system has influenced the performance of different firms into being competitive; efficient, and profitable. This has been through a number of aspects. First, the use of information system in businesses has largely shaped the decisions. Reason being; it can deliver all information needed. Consequently, with the availability of updated information business can make informed decisions. For example, in the event that the business owners are to choose between two factors, the system derives key indicators (costs, income, etc) for both. Therefore, this will result into making a choice that will be more efficient and competitive (How Information System Impact Organizations and Businesses, 2013).
Second, the use of information system in business setting has influenced increased productivity. This is because automation of the process in a business increases the production speed. Moreover, this shifts employees’ attention to other duties that require critical thinking. Consequently, this makes the business more competitive. Furthermore, information system reduces the number of workers. As a result, the business will minimize expenses and increase profitability (Goessl, 2010).
Third, information systems provide an efficient and effective way to store data. This enables quick accessibility. As a result, costs associated with setting up storage units are minimized (Doom, 2010).
In conclusion, it is evident that through the incorporation of information business system, businesses are positively affected. This is because it minimizes costs associated with the production. Consequently, this ensures that businesses are competitive.
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How Information System Impact Organizations and Businesses. (2013). Retrieved July Thursday, 2014, from Slide Share: Read More
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