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Case 29 - Coursework Example

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Employees serve as the wheels of the company, which determines the direction and the speed of progress and growth. However, it is not always a haven or ride for the…
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Case 29
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Extract of sample "Case 29"

Management Case 29 The running of any system heavily relies on the manpower entrusted with various tasks within the organization. Employees serve as the wheels of the company, which determines the direction and the speed of progress and growth. However, it is not always a haven or ride for the management, since there are challenges that have to be resolved.
One of the challenges faced by large systems with a large population of employees is control and adherence to a code of conduct. Aspect of malpractices becomes rampant and results to corruption and black market practice. Equally, United Technologies Corporation has not been left out in same scenarios. Integrating the new branch previously run from a different forum from that of UTC forms the companys crisis. The large population of 46000 employees also hinders the companys integration of the Chubb system. United Technologies Corporation faces the challenges of harmonizing the new task force with their code of conduct. The aspect of integration becomes a challenge since the employees served under the company that lacked ethics. Therefore, there is a likelihood of experiencing resistances from the employees. The other obstacle is the distance. Most of the Chubb’s sub branches are located far away from the Headquarters. It is then evident that, training process of the employee will require more investment due to movements, and time since the distribution of systems spread across the globe. The concept of open management structure is the other obstacle. There is no organized structure entrusted with the management. The employees report to their place of working. Lack of technological infrastructure poses another obstacle in the aspect of integration since the top management cannot effectively communicate with the employees in their working locations. Finally, the aspect of cultural diversity of the employees poses another challenge.
Despite the various challenges, Gnazzo must be prepared to employ the strength of the organization to counter the weakness of the new system branch being adopted. As long as Chubby is bringing value to UTC, then the project is worth consideration. Gnazzo has to put in place the necessary infrastructures to ensure that, the above obstacles get eliminated and at the same time ensure minimum cost is incurred by the organization. Furthermore, He will be required to choose the right team to eliminate the various obstacles. Necessary resources will also be a required. In this whole process, it is Gnazzo’s role to ensure that, the competitors have no advantage of seizing the market, and at the same time, uphold the share value of the stakeholders at a profitable grid.
I wish to recommend that; United Technologies Corporation moves swiftly to provide the employees of Chubb with management structure that is accessible and open to every employee. In addition, technological infrastructure involving computers and internet be installed in various countries of operations. Management offices should also be decentralized such that, training process of the new employees be undertaken by a small office unit within those specific regions of operation. Ombud/ DIALOG officials entrusted in training the code of ethics of the organization should be dispatched to various regions where Chubb Company has its employees. The team will re-train the new employees on the code of ethics in line with UTC’s expectation. Elimination of cultural differences will be possible only if the organization encourages or practice exchange program of its employees. Exchange program will enhance interaction and learning among the employees.
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Case 29 Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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