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Labor Relations and Collective Bargaining - Coursework Example

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It is important for global business and interaction. This is a legal requirement even though it is used to indicate racial and gender differences only in practice (Holley, Jennings and Wolters,…
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Labor Relations and Collective Bargaining
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Extract of sample "Labor Relations and Collective Bargaining"

Labor Relations and Collective Bargaining Affiliation: Workforce diversity This is having employees of different ages, culture and sex among other differences. It is important for global business and interaction. This is a legal requirement even though it is used to indicate racial and gender differences only in practice (Holley, Jennings and Wolters, 2011, 183).
Structured interviews
These are interviews that have written down questions with minimal responses. They encourage uniformity and equality during interview and hiring process and are used by majority of the organizations in hiring and promotions. They include basic questions (Holley, Jennings and Wolters, 2011, 6).
Personality tests
These are tests formulated to classify the personality of individuals. They are effective for job position allocation and definition of individuals. They are mostly used during the hiring process and are highly effective according to human resource managers (Holley, Jennings and Wolters, 2011, 8).
Performance evaluations
They are a series of evaluations in different aspects of the work to gauge performance level of an employee. They are carried out by human resource and determine salary addition or promotion as well as used as a guide to trainings or team building (Holley, Jennings and Wolters, 2011, 294).
Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is set up to ensure that employers do not discriminate any employee on the basis of age, gender and disability. It fights for employees even in small businesses. It promotes equality and justice in the workplace. It takes employers to court on behalf of the discriminated employee (Holley, Jennings and Wolters, 2011, 104).
Job specification
This is a definition of duties and responsibilities expected to be performed by an employee. It is provided by the HRM and is important for performance and smooth running of the workplace. It is usually provided in the hiring specifications and hence provided beforehand (Holley, Jennings and Wolters, 2011, 178).
Equal pay Act
It is an act that abolishes wage disparity based on gender. The human resource must grant equal pay to men and women in the same job position without disparities. Heavy penalties are inflicted on the employers that do not obey the act. It was adopted in 1963 (Holley, Jennings and Wolters, 2011, 105).
Employee referrals
These are people that know the employee and are consulted about various issues concerning the identity of the employee by the human resource department before an employee is hired. It is important for verification of facts in the CV. It is carried out secretly and without consent of the employee (Holley, Jennings and Wolters, 2011, 180).
Employee orientation
This is a learning process for a new employee to be aware of the environment one will be working in. It is important for performance and comfort of the employee and to learn about the job expected quickly. Orientation is carried out even to old employees in new positions after promotion or rotation (Holley, Jennings and Wolters, 2011, 183).
Short term disability
This is a disability that lasts only a short period of time but the individual returns back to normalcy after a short duration. No special salaries are offered at this point and just a few adjustments are made and the employee can still be able to work and consulted even with the disability (Holley, Jennings and Wolters, 2011, 103).
This is seeking assistance from an outside third party to perform a certain task. It is important as it does not prevent the rest of the employees from continuing with their work and the contracting is only temporary hence not worth a lot of money as with the permanent employees (Holley, Jennings and Wolters, 2011, 318).
Job attractiveness
This is the ability of the job to entice the employee. The attractiveness provided by the HRM is in terms of benefits to the employee and the flexibility. Majority of the people seeking promotions look at the attractiveness of the job and hence every job especially of high position should be made attractive (Holley, Jennings and Wolters, 2011, 310).
Holley, W., Jennings, K. and Wolters, R. (2011). The Labor Relations Process. New York: Cengage Learning. Read More
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