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Main Problems Facing Pride Industries - Essay Example

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This paper "Main Problems Facing Pride Industries" focuses on a company established in 1966 in a church basement in Auburn. The core goal for the establishment of Pride company is the provision of the adult children of the parents who have a disability with equal opportunities in the society. …
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Main Problems Facing Pride Industries
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Extract of sample "Main Problems Facing Pride Industries"

Download file to see previous pages Pride Industries currently boasts of two departments of which one is the IFS, which is, undertakes activities such as clean room, commercial custodial and facilities maintenance, offering services in the military base operations and transportation. In addition, IFS provides specialized services to both private and public customers such as food services, maintenance of grounds, and provision of shipboard and commissary operations.
The other division of the Pride Industries is the Manufacturing and Logistics Services (MLS) division. There is service provision such as offering production contracts to original manufactures of electronics, contract packaging, fulfilment services and supply chain solutions. Print services, mail and e-store to Fortune 10+ companies, as well as logistics services are also crucial for the company. HP as its service supplier of the year recognized the business in 2010. Pride Industries has its foundation with the core mission of creating employment opportunities for people with disabilities. There is an implication that, the company can have classification as a social enterprise whose main purpose is to fulfil a specified social need as well as make profits to support its operations.
Pride Industries is facing various problems with respect to its operations as well as the company’s core social mission. Since its initiation, the core social mission of the pride companies was to provide employment to the disabled individuals in the society. However, the company is facing problems in integrating the long-term operations strategies into its core social responsibility. The major problem that arises is the adoption of more efficient and modern production line, which has an expectation to cost the company approximately $2.6 million.
There is quite a high investment given the fact that most of the returns of the company have the direction towards the fulfilment of its core social mission or responsibility. Majority of the senior workers in the business including it director of finance operations and the vice president of the company’s sales operations are not optimistic about the current project by the company.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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