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Communication Challenge in Emergency Management - Assignment Example

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The writer of this paper states that Secondary data has been the main source of information relating to the communication challenges facing emergency management. Some of these data sources include interviews with disaster managers, and which have been recorded in print media…
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Communication Challenge in Emergency Management
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Extract of sample "Communication Challenge in Emergency Management"

What data have you collected or researched to justify there is a problem? For instance, following hurricane Katrina and its devastating impacts, it became apparent that the loss was not only huge but also extreme due to the challenges faced by emergency agencies.
Further on, the decision by the government to cut down on its budgetary allocation to emergency management and the concomitant impacts have widely been tackled in peer-reviewed articles, print media, as well as an online news website.

2. How will this information help you in providing the basis for your solution and what will the improvement hope to show?
Information gathered from the aforementioned sources is critical in informing the various stakeholders of steps to be undertaken to address the challenge. First, from the issues raised by the disaster managers, it is apparent that limited budgetary allocation has further complicated the path to finding a solution to the challenge. Secondly, citizen apathy and preference to varied communication challenge has made emergency officers face an uphill task when trying to reach out to victims of a disaster. From the information gathered, various recommendations have been put forth, including the adoption of social media platforms to enhance communication. Additionally, these recommendations have proposed new state of communication infrastructure that, if adopted, would guarantee minimal interference in case of disasters. Read More
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