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Ethical Perspectives - Essay Example

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Last year, the company’s profits reduced by 24%, from $800,000 to $620,000. All the members of staff have a problem with top executive officers in the organization. For…
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Ethical Perspectives
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Extract of sample "Ethical Perspectives"

Johnson’s Ethical Approaches Affiliation Organization Situation I am working in a soft drink manufacturing organization, which we are faced with high rates of corruption. Last year, the company’s profits reduced by 24%, from $800,000 to $620,000. All the members of staff have a problem with top executive officers in the organization. For the six months, I have worked with the organization there has always been payment details. A scrutiny of the organization also indicates that ¾ of workers in the organization are related (relatives). The organization is at a point of being announced bankrupt and all the employees will lose their Jobs. Another expectation is that if the company is not announced bankrupt, some of the members will be retrenched.
The first approach that corresponds to the above situation is Utilitarianism (the approach means choosing of an option that is of the greater view of most of the people in the organization). The above approach can be considered in the above case by ensuring that top management of the organization is investigated about the charges of corruption bestowed upon them. For the common good of the people in the organization if they are found guilty of an offense then they should be charged and pay back what they had taken from the organization to allow smooth running of the organization.
The other approach is Categorical Imperative. This is considered as a moral right action to be undertaken despite the consequences that will follow (Johnson, 2011). Employee should consider informing the top executive of what is happening within the organization for them to change the moral behaviors for the better side of the organization. Based on the case the management board is not fair since it has not incorporated a representative of the employees. Despite the fact that they are junior members in the organization, they play a significant role in ensuring the company meets it objectives and attains it goals. Thus, for equality and freedom of expression within the organization the management board should consider incorporating a representative of the employees. This will help them highlight the immoral activity of corruption taking place.
The other ethical approach to be considered with respect to the above case is communitarianism. This approach takes about the common promotion of shared moral values by the community. Since the firm is a community project, it will be of the much significance if the board of directors of the company to ensure that the moral values of their top managers are in-line with the community expectations. The last ethical approach according to Johnson is to ensure that the common goal of employees within the organization especially the top managers should be taking care of others first than oneself. If this was considered then they could be no corruption in the organization as corruption is a personal goal rather than a company or community goal (Altruism).
The Altruism approach is the best cause of action for the situation in the company. If the management could consider of others then the ethical dilemma existing could not be there. The company should consider implementing this approach, however, the other approaches have to consider in details since all the five approaches work towards solving an ethical concern.
It is evident that working towards others attaining other people’s confidence in the workplace by ensuring their issues are solved before undertaking your personal objectives is the right way to solve ethical issue such as corruption. Thus, Altruism is the best approach to end the ethical dilemma in the company as depicted in the case above.
Johnson, C. E. (2011). Organizational ethics: A practical approach. SAGE Publications. Read More
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Ethical Perspectives Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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