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The Role Of Cultural Policy On Organisational Management - Dissertation Example

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The paper "The Role Of Cultural Policy On Organisational Management" describes what Cultural policy can be described as the process of development of public policies seeking to introduce regulation to arts and culture. The cultural policy involves the consideration of various aspects…
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The Role Of Cultural Policy On Organisational Management
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Extract of sample "The Role Of Cultural Policy On Organisational Management"

Download file to see previous pages The study will seek to determine the effects of cultural policy within an organization. The utilization of an exploratory design enables the research to conduct research and gather raw information from the identified sources. This will be fundamental in opening up the direction for further research within the field by other researchers.
Different data collection methods will be utilized in collecting qualitative data, which will be utilized in making recommendations within the research. Primary data will be collected through interviews and questionnaires sent to individuals who will be selected through the utilization of random sampling methods. These questionnaires will contain both closed and open-ended questions which will be utilized in the collection of qualitative data. Secondary data will be collected from existing literature and published material from research conducted by other researchers within the same field of study. This information will be fundamental in providing guidelines for establishing the findings of the research. Qualitative approaches to data analysis will be utilized in seeking to analyze the collected data. Iteration will be continuously utilized during the data collection period in seeking to ensure the analysis process becomes simplified and reduce the data analysis time. After the interim data analysis, memoing of the data contained within the filled questionnaire will be performed in seeking to summarise the information contained within the data. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Role Of Cultural Policy On Organisational Management Dissertation.
“The Role Of Cultural Policy On Organisational Management Dissertation”, n.d.
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