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The Annandale Booth Restaurant - Case Study Example

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Manager – According to Bradach (1997), manager of a particular restaurant must be able to perform the following duties, which are as follows, open the restaurant register, open and close the restaurant, track inventory purchase food and beverage inventory, work with suppliers,…
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The Annandale Booth Restaurant
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Extract of sample "The Annandale Booth Restaurant"

Download file to see previous pages It is the duty of a chef or head cook to appoint and train prep persons and dishwashers (Bradach, 1997). Moreover, a chef or head cook is also responsible for the equipments, menu and also for the buying supplies as well. One chef is adequate for Brooks.
The kitchen staff the kitchen staff of a restaurant may comprise of the following persons, such as, bread and pastry baker, vegetable, fry or a sauce chef. Moreover, each chef or cook is assigned with a specific task and has a specific job designation as well. Brooks needs at least 3 kitchen staff which can support the head chef.
Kitchen workers the kitchen workers are assigned with the following tasks, such as, go after pots and pans, sit and strain soups and sauces and also to weigh and measure the ingredients as well. Moreover, they are also required to clean, peel, and slice vegetables and fruits and also to prepare salads as well.
Waiter/waitress – the waiter or the waitresses in a particular restaurant are equired to perform following task, such as, serve food adn beverages, prpeare itemized chekcs and also to take customers orders as well. Moreover, they are aslo required to ensure that the person who comes to purchase alcohol or tobacco products are not under age. Brooks needs at least 4 of them on a shifting basis.
Dishwasher – a dishwasher is required to supply pans, pots, utensils and aslo to clean the dishes as well. Moreover, they may also require to clean the kitchen and remove the garbage as well. In this regard, two dishwashers would be optimum for the Brooks.
This method for employee selection could be highly helpful for brooks as they can recruit experienced employees for their new office and can havea headstart for their new office. Internal sourcing involves issuing an advertisement which can allow employees to have an idea regarding an available position in the organization, for which they can send their job applications. Internal sourcing has been the most common and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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