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10 comparisons between Traditional Project Management, Adaptive Project Framework (APF), and Extreme Project Management (XPM) - Essay Example

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Besides, Traditional project management has only one cycle, while Adaptive project framework has a fixed cycle and Extreme project management has a variable cycle. Moreover, in regard to…
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10 comparisons between Traditional Project Management, Adaptive Project Framework (APF), and Extreme Project Management (XPM)
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Extract of sample "10 comparisons between Traditional Project Management, Adaptive Project Framework (APF), and Extreme Project Management (XPM)"

Adaptive Project Framework, Traditional Project Management and Extreme Project Management APF is client centered while TPM is resource centered while EPM is also client centered. Besides, Traditional project management has only one cycle, while Adaptive project framework has a fixed cycle and Extreme project management has a variable cycle. Moreover, in regard to constraint TPM is constraint to time similar to APF which has also time constraint while EPM has no time constraint. In addition, APF has its results on incremental basis and more often compared to EPM which is not regular and whose results are not incremental. However, TPM has also incremental outcome. Into the bargain, APF’s change is progression to an efficient solution similar to TPM but EPM has no progression change.
The APF model offers increased business value in a certain time compared to EPM model. EPM needs processes to start over from the original beginning point hence no value to the business. However, TPM also brings more value to the business. TPM has a fixed scope, while APF and EPM have a variable scope. TPM hates change while APF embraces change but EPM drives the change since it is necessary. On planning TPM is driven by a fixed plan while APF and EPM are driven by Just in time form of planning. TPM has a good breakdown structure, while APF has a middle level work breakdown structure but EPM has no work breakdown structure (Wysocki 297-488).
What’s more all changes in APF and TPM are temporary while EPM are permanent. At the same time the focus by APF is drawn towards delivery of products compared to EPM and TPM which are focused on the actual work itself. Lastly, there is partnership strategy between the entire stakeholders which is critical in APF compared to EPM which lacks collaboration and TPM which has minimal partnerships. These can be summarized in the table below;
Time constraint
Mid level
Just in time (JIT)
Hates it
Drives it, it is necessary
Service to client
Resource centered
Client centered
Client Centered
Results on incremental basis
Value to business
NO value
Less valuable
Nature of change
Nature of service
Focus on actual work itself
Product delivery
Focus on work
Work cited
Wysocki, R.K. Effective Project Management: traditional, agile, extreme. 5th ed. Indianapolis: Wiley Publishing. 2009. Print. . Read More
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