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New Test Development Project Risk Monitoring and Control - Assignment Example

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Healthscope Pathology New Test Development Project will seek to find out the impact of challenged validation report if indeed it occurs. In addition, the project risk management protocol has also considered risks that may occur as a result of threats from outside…
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New Test Development Project Risk Monitoring and Control
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Extract of sample "New Test Development Project Risk Monitoring and Control"

New Test Development Project Risk Monitoring and Control
Healthscope Pathology New Test Development Project just like other projects is also projected to experience some risks. However, there are ways and means that can be used to eliminate and or reduced the effect of the risks to acceptable levels. This section highlights the various methods and strategies that will be used to steadily trace and evaluate the performance of different risk response actions that have been developed and implemented during the project (Baguley, 2008). These monitoring strategies will also be used to identify the possible new risks that may be incurred. Basically, the project monitoring and evaluation in this project management is meant to provide objective and reliable up to date information about the progress of the project and as such helps eliminate unnecessary risks. Four basic indictor systems will be used in the project monitoring and control which includes; Schedule Performance Monitoring, Program Metrics, Technical Performance Measurement (TPM) and Earned Value (EV) (Kerzner, 2006).
An in-depth monitoring and control of scheduled risks will be conducted to gauge the extent of the damages caused by such risks if any will be undertaken during the project implementation. After 30days, the project management staff will conduct a scheduled performance monitoring indicator to establish whether the time allowed for risk that may occur as a result of the delay caused by the NATA in granting accreditation of the assays was within the acceptable limits. This process will be done to ensure that the overall implementation period of the project is not compromised by risks caused by NATA. The project monitoring and control tool will also be used to check the effectiveness of the rejection of the risk to proceed to offer service without NATA accreditation. The process will find out if adopting the risk would have dented the image of project as earlier been presumed.
There are other risks such as technical risks that have been identify as possible causes of delays in the implementation of this project. However, program metrics and earned value (EV) are some of the indicator approaches that will be used to monitor and control the adopted response strategies. The project has adopted risks such as the failure of assay design, challenged validation report by NATA assessor and service redundancy. Likewise, during the implementation of the project risk monitoring will be done against the above named risks to estimate the effectiveness of the decision of adopting them. Healthscope Pathology New Test Development Project will seek to find out the impact of challenged validation report if indeed it occurs.
In addition, the project risk management protocol has also considered risks that may occur as a result of threats from outside. Subsequently proper monitoring and control mechanisms have been put in place to check on that. The project team is aware that the potential of giving inaccurate results that may occur due to human errors and a fault in the assays is probably less than 1%. However, it has been integrated as one of the possible risks and protective measures taken against it. During the implementation of the this project, the team will continuously carryout an extensive monitoring of the inaccurate results given and as such offer relevant control mechanisms and check ins.
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