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Effect of Online Consumer Reviews/Ratings - Research Proposal Example

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Nowadays, consumer ratings and reviews have a major part in the purchasing decisions. Considering this fact, this research will take account of earlier studies in order to evaluate the influence of online consumer reviews/ratings on consumer behaviors as well as on their purchasing decisions. …
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Effect of Online Consumer Reviews/Ratings
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The influx and rapid growth of the Internet has broadened customers choices for collecting product information by checking other consumers reviews accessible through internet, and has given customers the prospects to present their individual consumption linked suggestion by taking part in online ratings. One of the key alterations in contemporary customer behavior has been the shift from a passive to a dynamic as well as knowledgeable customer. Internet facilitates consumers to talk about their views, and experiences with, products and services with a large number of other customers. Online customer reviews and ratings are often come within utilization by potential customers of associated products who would like to get additional information from those who have bought and utilized a similar product. Online reviews are among the most significant sources of information when a customer is taking a purchase decision, and it is a latest trend of marketing.
At the present time, more and more individuals are utilizing the internet to purchase products and services. The most significant distinction from conventional shopping is that customers cannot try the products and services. They have to rely on the information offered by the internet. To conquer this restriction, online retailers made it possible for customers to post product reviews online. These reviews are significant for customers who are deciding about their next purchase decisions. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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