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Patch work for university year one student - Assignment Example

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The activity was to act a little skit, which was intended to help the group members understand the human behavioral approach applied by…
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Patch work for university year one student
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Extract of sample "Patch work for university year one student"

Download file to see previous pages James was a determined and hardworking manager who conducted research on the ways that help bring positive results in a company. According to him, the most important was the human behavioral approach as the company’s workers were core in any activity a company undertook. He spent a considerable good amount of time learning the behavior of the four workers and coming up with ways of motivating them to work hard in order to achieve the set goals. After a close chat with Olive, James found out that she performed poorly under close supervision but performed well when given the space and freedom to work on her own. Harry was motivated by deadlines and working under a little pressure and thus all the work which had little time frame would be given to him. The unique thing about the skit is that James had to indentify on his own the behavior of the other group members and this is similar to what the managers do. It was easy for James however, to know the characteristics of every person in the group as we are in the same class. A manager should also find it easy to know the behaviors of his or her workers as they are working together all the time and for an extended period.
I have grown up thinking that attaining skills that enable an individual work in a certain career line is all that an individual needs to become successful but my view changed after reading the article on continuing professional development (CPD) (Scales, 21). The article states that due to the ever-changing dynamics in the world, mere skills and knowledge in a certain career field are not enough and that a professional needs to continue developing them. I was amazed by how simple a professional could continue developing in his or her related field. According to the author, the first step to this is documenting and keeping track of the knowledge, experience and skills that a person has. It had not hit ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Patch Work for University Year One Student Assignment - 2.
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