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The Business Stone Field's Limousine Company - Essay Example

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This would include external and internal factors both. Internal factors can be related to employees’ skills and behaviors, relation between managers and employees and the relationships among…
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The Business Stone Fields Limousine Company
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Extract of sample "The Business Stone Field's Limousine Company"

The Business: Stone Fields Limousine Company College The Business: Stone Fields Limousine Company The needs assessment entails, first of all, an environmental analysis of the company. This would include external and internal factors both. Internal factors can be related to employees’ skills and behaviors, relation between managers and employees and the relationships among the employees themselves, organizational structure and culture etc. External factors can be related to physical infrastructure, technology, socio cultural factors, government, competition etc. Organizational analysis takes into account the effectiveness of the Limousine Company, what areas need training and what conditions would be conducive to do so. Demographic analysis entails demographic data such as total population and its growth, change in employee demographics in the market etc. Operational analysis includes safeguarding continuity and company development in terms of company operations. Individual analysis focuses on looking at how well an individual doing his job and determining his capacity to do new and different tasks. It shows which employee needs training and how. Heathfield (n.d.) states a distinct method of conducting training needs assessment.
Training methods can be of various kinds. For instance, reading assignments, simulations, on the job training, group discussions, lectures, demonstrations, audio visual presentations, brainstorming, oral presentations, problem solving workshops, case study, role playing, field trips and unstructured group interactions. The media included can be audio tapes, video tapes, computers, manuals, guides and the suchlike.
There are certain principles that can help in employee training. For example, focusing on emotional maturity, integrity and compassion; the main of this is to develop a person on the whole, including skills and knowledge. Another principle can be to focus on learning, not training specifically. All of this would also contribute to training for learning skills or facts which would be of great benefit for the company.
Effectiveness for some of the training methods is described below:
Written material such as case studies, manuals, guides etc with personal instruction or classroom lectures can be the basis for learning. Simply reading the texts would be really helpful in understanding them on your own.
Computers are a great deal of help when it comes to fast learning. Simulations can work wonders when used in conjunction with computers.
Audio and video tapes are used for training in special cases. Audio tapes can be easily heard while driving and video tapes serve as a television show and are often engaging.
Selection of the most appropriate training methods is imperative. In some special scenarios, the combination of the above mentioned training methods can work wonders.
Heathfield, S.M. (n.d.). Conduct a simple training needs assessment. Retrieved from Read More
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“The Business Stone Field'S Limousine Company Essay”, n.d.
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