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Understanding - Active Listening or Maslows Hierarchy of Need - Assignment Example

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His hierarchy of needs illustrates which needs we will have to satisfy first and which ones we would want to satisfy later. Human beings will tend to satisfy their basic physiological needs first…
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Understanding - Active Listening or Maslows Hierarchy of Need
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Extract of sample "Understanding - Active Listening or Maslows Hierarchy of Need"

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs As demonstrated by Maslow, the whole idea is that all needs arenot created equal. His hierarchy of needs illustrates which needs we will have to satisfy first and which ones we would want to satisfy later. Human beings will tend to satisfy their basic physiological needs first and then move up the ladder. These are needs that human beings would not survive without. Secondly, people tend to satisfy their safety needs. Here the needs include shelter and removal from danger. It is after this is satisfied that people tend to think about satisfying their sense of belonging needs. Here people want to be treated with loved, affection and feel parts of groups. The next level of needs is the self-esteem and the esteem from others. When all these have been satisfies, a person would now look for self actualization, where he will be seen trying to achieve individual potential like power in the society. Maslow then sys that if we are motivated by the fact that we want to self-actualize, the every other need will just work out.
Active listening
As managers, we need to concentrate on the client centered skill like active listening. This is the skill that will enable a manger to listen carefully to the customer’s needs and react according to the client’s likes or dislikes. In this kind of feeling, a person is guided by the feelings displayed by the client about the kind of service being offered. It therefore requires one to actively react to such feelings in order to meet the client’s demands.
5. self- actualization
4. Self-esteem
3. Belonging
2. Safety
1. Physiological
The four agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz;
1. Be impeccable with your word
This simply tells us that we should not mince our words or say something just because of love, but always mean what you say and stand by it.
2. Don’t take anything personally
Don’t take anything that people say about you to be your problems. Instead, that should be their own problems since they are the ones disturbed by it.
3. Don’t make assumptions
Always be sure to avoid assumptions. Making assumptions can make someone be either on the positive or negative extremes.
4. Always do your best
In any situation, try and do your best and never say you can’t. at least there is something you can do. that which you can do, give it your best. Read More
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