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MIS {excel project } - Assignment Example

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The business plans to invest $100,000 to purchase the items and carry out advertising. The source of the capital is from government grants,…
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MIS {excel project }
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Extract of sample "MIS {excel project }"

Number: MIS Excel project The project is an analysis and decision tool for Capital electronics a business start-up that deals with retail sale of electronics. The business plans to invest $100,000 to purchase the items and carry out advertising. The source of the capital is from government grants, business loan and personal savings. The business loan and the Government grants will be repaid in a period of two years at an interest rate of 8 and 1.4 % respectively.
The tool is made of six worksheets named products, sales, summary of sales, quantity of sold items, Cash flow and capital financing. The sheets contain different data and information.
The excel project keeps records of all the items that are sold in the business in a sheet called Products.
It allows one to add new items and the quantity together with the buying price. The selling price is then calculated by using a profit margin of 1.3 %. Additionally; the total quantity of stock is calculated.
The sales sheet provides data on sales of the items in stock by the respective customers. The sales are recorded and the total sales are also calculated. The sheet also stores details of the respective customers. The look up function is used in the item column to march the item with its code in the products sheet: =LOOKUP (H4, Products!$A$3:$A$13,Products!$B$3:$B$13). The look up function is also used to determine the price of each item: =LOOKUP ([@[Item Code]],Table1[Code],Table1[Selling Price]). It is in this sheet that the total sales are also calculated and the data sorted according to item code in ascending order.
A pivot table called sales summary is generated from the sales sheet. In this sheet, the summary of sales of each item is displayed. The total sales of each item and all the items are totalled. A graph is then generated showing the quantity of items sold.
Capital financing analysis is done on the capital financing sheet. In this sheet, the total capital required to establish the business is estimated. A list of possible financing options is also provided together with the percentage of financing. Additionally, the interest rate and the amount to be repaid is calculated.
The cash flow sheet analyses the net income for the business from sales and after deductions of the expenditures such as loan interests and advertisements. Read More
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