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Project Management Leadership Project management entails making WBS. The study delves into the OBS computation. WBS research works best when OBS is introduced. OBS computation helps managers make more cost-based decisions. Question 1. My company manages projects incorporating either two or three departments by pinpointing responsibility for controlling certain portions of the total operating costs and expenses…
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Project Management Leadership
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Download file to see previous pages The organization breakdown structure prods the Mason department manager to minimize spending $2,340 on labor cost. The same structure necessitates the carpentry project manager to avoid the same $ 2,900 labor cost in future activities. Further, organization breakdown structure matrix process entails scheduling the work assigned by two bosses. For example, two project managers use only one carpenter (Hartline, 2011). The two bosses will agree to divide the carpenter’s time through cooperation and contribution activities (Scott, 2011). Project management eliminates ambiguous roles and defines cost and profit responsibilities (Drucker, 1986). Question 2. When running a project to which people are temporarily assigned while reporting to their own bosses (matrix organization), the project manager updates the department managers about what the assigned department personnel are required to work on. The project manager must build a good relationship with the department personnel’s boss. The good relationship ensures the same project manager can count on the help of the department bosses to get the entire project work accomplished in the shortest possible time (Lewis, 1995, p. 92). Without the good relationship, both the project managers and the department managers will not attain the entity’s performance benchmarks or goals. Managers better manage their organizational responsibilities using the matrix organization breakdown structure. In terms of theory, organization breakdown structure (OBS) is defined as the breaking down of the skill sets of the people who do the work. At any level of breakdown, the structure pinpoints responsibility for products delivery and the skill sets involved as shown in the two dimensional matrix (Turner, 2009, p. 9). Understandably, the average worker gives more loyalty to their department managers compared to their loyalty to the project team leaders. The project team leader must exert all possible efforts to persuade the team members to exert more efforts to the accomplishment of their temporary project objectives (Lewis, 1995, p. 12.) |Question 3. The project manager negotiates with the resource and provides for the use of the providers’ resources. The project manager offers payment for the use of the providers’ resources. The payment will entice the providers to accept the project manager’s request. The company will pay cash to the providers. Furthermore, the project manager will explain that the manager’s expertise in all aspects of project management is enough to ensure maximization of the providers’ resources (Phillips, 2012). In addition, the project manager must retain a good working relationship with the department managers in order to receive the required high quality labor resources (Lewis, 1995, p. 12). Question 4- DVD Marketing. Basically, project management enhances the entity’s competitive advantage over the competitors. Project management’s matrix organizational breakdown structure (OBS) helps management make decisions using time and cost factors. The project’s scope of work includes controlling labor and equipment expenses. Expense reduction allows price reductions. Price reductions increase client demand. DVD Marketing allows costs reduction by pinpointing responsibility for ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Project Management Leadership Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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