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(the self-parking and driving car - Assignment Example

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To qualify as fully autonomous, a car must steer itself without human input to a pre-set location, over roads that have not been modified for…
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(the self-parking and driving car
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Extract of sample "(the self-parking and driving car"

Autonomous Cars The general definition of self driven or driverless car is a robotic vehicle that is designed to travel between places without a driver. To qualify as fully autonomous, a car must steer itself without human input to a pre-set location, over roads that have not been modified for its use (Car magazine).
There are benefits that come with driverless cars. Significant accident reduction being the motivation, due to this the car is required to react quicker than a person. This will allow people do other things like work on the move, read, and much more. Likewise, the computer can drive the vehicle a great deal more efficiently than most people can. Also as they will be able to access real-time information on the status of the roads, traffic jams and grid-lock may become a thing of the past, also they may ease movement for the visually impaired and physically challenged (Car jam).
Driverless cars are still illegal and ultimately it will be up to lawmakers to adjust the guidelines of the road, particularly dealing with security and insurance matters, so as to allow for driverless cars on the road. Issues like who is at fault in an accident? Will drivers control data about their whereabouts? Imagine a situation where the computer fails and the driver cannot retake control in time. Likewise, what if the system is hacked? These are a few of the new challenges that have to be faced. Despite this some states namely California, Michigan, Nevada, Florida and Washington D.C, are taking steps(CNN).
Either way companies like Google, Audi, BMW, Mercedes ford and Nissan see this as the next frontier in car development and have viable prototypes in testing. Though this is yet to be achieved, it seems to be the future of driving (CNN).
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