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Research Method in Management Science - Assignment Example

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Content analysis is descriptive of assorted research techniques that can be used in different disciplines and then applied through quantitative as well as qualitative methods. It is quite common for content analysis to be employed in the evaluation of changes in different…
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Research Method in Management Science
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Extract of sample "Research Method in Management Science"

Research Methods used in Management Science Research Methods used in Management Science DQ The benefits of content analysis as an appropriate method of research
Content analysis is descriptive of assorted research techniques that can be used in different disciplines and then applied through quantitative as well as qualitative methods. It is quite common for content analysis to be employed in the evaluation of changes in different cultures; whether in organizational or community settings. When researchers use content analysis, they will seek to appraise as well as quantify the meanings, presence, and connections between concepts and words in the subject that is being assessed. The researchers then come to conclusions after evaluating the indormation or data that has been studied. Basially, content analysis is utilized as a statistical exercise that supports the tagging of different types of behaviors in the cultures that are studied.
The method of content analysis has different benefits for researchers who employ it. In the first place, it is a cost-effective method that is also unobstrusive. This method also allows the researcher to learn much about an organization’s financial status, objectives, and customer body in cases where management research is taking place (Siyaranamual, 2009). When used in concert with other research methods such as archival records and interviews, content analysis becomes even more powerful beause this method can easily be used to keep a record of any cultural adjustments that may take place over time. Content analysis also offers or supplies an objective account of incidents, themes, issues, or documented events which may not be visibly apparent to the researcher or viewer (West, 2009). Content analysis also makes it possible for researchers to use more efficient surveys which may have open-ended questions which encourage respondents to volunteer more information.
DQ#2: Additional insights into Content Analysis
Content analysis has in the past been used by researchers to conduct studies in different disciplines such as education, history, anthropology, and psychology. It is also often used to conduct studies on management concerns. In regards to management research, content analysis functions as an effective device for carrying out literature reviews in a transparent and systematic manner. In conducting organizational research using content analysis, researchers are also able to recover and scrutinize the nuances of stakeholder perceptions, corporate culture, and societal trends (Judge, Filatotchev, & Aguilera, 2010). In management research, the use of content analysis permits researchers to be able to examine aspects such as perceptual and social constructs that may be hard to evaluate through the conventional quantitative techniques. When using this method, researchers are also able to acquire data from large samples. Management research can profit from the use of this method because researchers will be able to research further and acquire the construal of the underlying meaning of various management concepts.
An amazing discovery from examining content analysis was that event though its use by researchers into matters concerning organizational management have increasingly elected to use it, they sometimes experience problems because they may not comprehend the different content analysis methods or even how to handle any challenges that may arise from using this technique (Kumar & Zattoni, 2013). Some of the challenges that researchers into management concepts may face have to do with the maintenance of coding schemes, adequate measures, using texts from different business sources, and making sure that the research has validity and reliability. Researchers may also not be certain about whether to carry out computer-aided or manual forms of content analysis.
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West, A. (2009). Corporate Governance Convergence and Moral Relativism. Corporate Governance: An International Review, 17(1), 107-119 Read More
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