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Industry Individual - Admission/Application Essay Example

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By engaging with other term members through writing encouraged members of my team to reflect and interrogate with one another on new ways of sharing learning and providing…
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Industry Individual
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Extract of sample "Industry Individual"

Industry Individual Part Individual Research and Contribution I undertook to write a report about our collective contribution on behalf of the group. This is because our group members wanted to have an informed over-view of our scholarly activities.
Personal Level of Effectiveness
I particularly enjoyed communicating knowledge with other students in new ways especially course enrolment. By engaging with other term members through writing encouraged members of my team to reflect and interrogate with one another on new ways of sharing learning and providing an opportunity for interacting with other scholarly teams with different learning styles in order to build our confidence, and enhance our communication skills effectively. As students we are required many times to present scholarly papers by our tutors and professors and this feat of writing academic documents without confidence and the ability to think critically can be such a disappointing experience.
What I Learned From Various Act Ivies
What I learned most in my peer group was that research paper writing can be such a satisfying and invigorating learning experience that was easy once I mastered how to academically navigate within its context. Before this experience that build my confidence in writing my approach was lack-luster. However after some intense session with my team and instructors I presented some research papers to my team with end-results building my confidence.
Research Papers
I performed research on Autism which is a condition affecting one of my friends and Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Disorder which is also a condition of paramount significance because many pregnant women still continue to drink alcohol in pregnancy without realizing the effects of alcohol to the to the unborn child.
Part 2 of 1(A)
Personal Level of Effectiveness
I presented my report about my groups’ collective contribution. In my report I gave my honest assessment of our individual contributions which I happily noted was above reproach. In addition I presented another paper entitled: The new face of terrorism in the twenty first century which team members set about thinking and exploring excitedly since it was a relevant topic of utmost importance in our world of today going by the increasing level of terrorist attacks in various parts of the world. However one member with strong views attempted to associate terror activities with groupings of religion. As scholars, we vehemently opposed religious bigotries but strongly condemned all acts of terrorism.
What I Learned From Various Activities
From the feed-backs out of the works that I presented, I happily noted improvements in the level of research work. I also learnt how to edit and gather crucial information on the techniques of proof-reading which are integral part of research paper writing. I also learned the crucial styles of making citations and how this is important in the field of academic writing. I learnt that plagarisation is an offence punishable by law.
What I Might Do Different On Future Assignments
On future assignments I will do thorough research and with the benefit of hind-sight present well edited and well proof-read documents.
Grading Rubric for Individual Contribution - 2
Name: Date: March 21
Team number:
Overall comments and feedback
Grade: Evaluated by: Norine Webster
Description of activities undertaken and assessment of effectiveness.
Key skills used and areas to improve in the future.
Insight into your role and contribution to group; as well as overall group dynamics.
Discourse and research.
Communication and writing.
Individual contributions as well as group.
Organization, Clarity, and Writing Style
Clear concise writing. Focuses on the most important ideas and concepts within paragraphs, and sentences. Logical ordering of topics with good transitions between ideas.
Proper sentence structure, grammar, spelling, punctuation and use of capitalization.
Significant improvements among group members with one particular member showing exceptional writing capability. Very encouraging.
Mechanics of Paper
Correct APA formats of citations and reference list.
Correct APA format for paper (Margins 2.5 cm (1 inch) all around, double space text, indented paragraphs, 12 pt serif font, headers and page numbers, other).
Adheres to length requirements.
Excellent adherence to rules of academic writing.
Lundmark, T., Carroll, W. J., & Lundmark-Carroll, . (2001). Business associations in the common law world. Münster ;Hamburg [u.a.: Lit.
Sherrow, V. (2001). For appearance sake: The historical encyclopedia of good looks, beauty, and grooming. Phoenix, Ariz: Oryx Press. Read More
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(Industry Individual Admission/Application Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words)
Industry Individual Admission/Application Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
“Industry Individual Admission/Application Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words”, n.d.
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