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Overcoming High Employee Turnover by Changing Leadership Behaviour - Coursework Example

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The paper "Overcoming High Employee Turnover by Changing Leadership Behaviour" highlights that where employees are involved in deciding on the affairs of the organization, it is difficult for those employees to leave. The strategy taken by organizations is derived from the employee’s ideas…
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Overcoming High Employee Turnover by Changing Leadership Behaviour
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Extract of sample "Overcoming High Employee Turnover by Changing Leadership Behaviour"

Download file to see previous pages It is important for the management of organisations to exhibit good leadership that resonates with the employees. This helps in improving morale and performance in organisations. Major factors that contribute to employees leaving an organisation includes; the management’s lack of interest in the employee’s needs, employing autocratic leadership, not involving the employee’s in the organisation’s decision-making process, lack of recognizing employee’s skills and providing employee’s with autonomy in the work environment(Oshagbemi 2008, p.1902). While it is important for the management of an organisation to take charge in terms of leading their subordinates, showing good leadership is vital in retaining the skilled and experienced workforce. Further, the employee turnover rate is a pertinent issue in organisations, and it is important to look at the factors that promote low employee turnover. In this regard, the leadership behaviour adopted in organisations is one of the key factors that influence employee turnover rate in organisations. In addition, while there are different leadership behaviours that the management of an organisation can utilize, a leadership behaviour that fosters democracy in the work environment is ideal in retaining skilled and experienced employees. In essence, changing the organisational situation in regard to high employee turnover requires a participative or democratic leadership behaviour. This type of leadership places value on teamwork; however, the responsibility of the final decision-making rests with the leader of the team. This leadership is important in an organisation with a vibrant workforce in the sense that, it helps to improve employee’s morale. In addition, this leadership behaviour is ideal in times of change management process (Sorensen & Holman 2014, p.72). In relying on theoretical concepts and practice, this paper explores how participative leadership behaviour can help to change high employee turnover. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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