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Competing Conceptions of Globalization - Essay Example

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The paper “Competing Conceptions of Globalization” seeks to explore a serious incongruity between the reality that globalization is in full gear and the reality that the prevailing processes of global governance do not have the influence…
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Competing Conceptions of Globalization
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Extract of sample "Competing Conceptions of Globalization"

Download file to see previous pages Although the meaning of this term is rather indistinct, and the phenomena it is used to denote extremely varied, it does articulate a prevailing feeling in the 21st century that human life is greatly shaped by forces, which have extended across boundaries, and which, concisely due to their magnitude and supremacy, are transforming life on this globe. All spheres of the society are being redefined by this process; people find their existence threatened or individuality threw in to confusion; areas and entire regions are compelled to restructure themselves or diminish in the face of economic forces; and nations are experiencing gradually decreasing autonomy of action and closer ties to each other than any other time in the past (Scholte, 2000).
 At the present, there is a serious incongruity between the reality that globalization is in full gear and the reality that the prevailing processes of global governance do not have the influence, ability, and capacity to regulate and direct this process towards helpful ends. Due to this, globalization is usually unsettling and unbalanced in its outcomes. It has also brought new challenges for the current public institutions while at the same instance weathering their independence and support. Globalization has also provided the paradoxical means for those it eliminates culturally or economically to categorize against its subordinating and homogenizing force (Ohmae, 1999).
 In essence, there are numerous explanations of globalization, which though consistent in various ways do illustrate varying faces of the process. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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