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Management - Assignment Example

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The paper "Management Assignment " is purposed explains that under the influence of technology development, each organization is forced to adjust to the new competitive market conditions with intention to correspond to customers’ requirements…
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Management Assignment
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Extract of sample "Management"

Management Assignment Question 5 Under the influence of technology development, each organization is forced to adjust to the new competitive market conditions with intention to correspond to customers’ requirements. However, in order to satisfy demand levels, it is essential to modify and improve not only brands and product lines, but also employees and management staff that are a key factor of any production. According to Vemić (2007, p. 211), ‘Understanding the tremendous significance of education for the modern organization and being confident that it represents a good and remunerative investment, present day organizations set aside more and more resources for this activity’. Currently merely utilization of existed knowledge is not enough because market environment constantly changes and this demands development and improvement of personnel skills. Being relatively stable and hierarchical company, Bonduelle should realize that professional development and renewal of knowledge base are not optional anymore, these activities are imperative for the prosperity of international organization. Especially employees’ developments and training along with management of the culture become important in the conditions of Bonduelle’s transformation from vertical structure of power to a matrix type of organizational structure, which supposes decentralized decision-making process and delegation of crucial responsibilities. Explicit HR measures for recruitment, development of people and management of the culture help employees improve own professional skills, raise productivity and job effectiveness, gain promotions and self-realization, increase motivation and benefit business in general. It is essential for Bonduelle to follow the formula of successful HR management, which states that a mix of knowledge creation and innovations encourage competitive advantage (Vemić 2007). It is recommended to provide trainings, round tables, support network and available reading materials so that each employee may improve own knowledge and skills to contribute the entire organization (Abadiano & Turner 2004).
Question 10
Rapidly developing globalization, increase of demographics, emancipation and widening of women's role in professional sphere, appreciation of ethnicity, culture and traditions, liberalization of society and legally democratic treatment to employees have given birth to such notion as "diversity", which is still a great challenge in Bonduelle's organizational structure (Shen et al. 2009). Despite the fact that one fourth part of entire managerial staff consists of foreigners, the executive board still stays homogenous being represented mostly by French males. According to Keil (2005, p. 38), diversity should not be accepted as active standard program with clichés because its meaning is much more significant identification of 'the open, inclusive, creative company culture respecting the uniqueness of everybody and tapping the resources of its employees'. In this respect, diversity leads to the raise of creativity and exchange of experience that are beneficial factors for working environment and business processes. In order to introduce more diversity in Bonduelle, first of all, it is suggested to open access to highest managerial positions for public scrutiny. Outside candidates on such positions may bring totally new view and ideas to the company's strategy under the influence of previous experience and cultural peculiarities. In addition, it is recommended to implement international internships and temporary recruitment projects in order to attract foreigners. It would be helpful to promote and transfer senior managers from local subsidiaries to the headquarters of the company or relocate them to the offices in other countries so that they could exchange experiences and contribute with different vision and diversified business proposals. Round tables, brainstorming, trainings and job-swap can help outsiders adjust to the company's culture more easily. In addition, an electronic platform with full information about the company's history, performance, brands, financial results and organizational structure along with job description, requirements and responsibilities of different positions should be available for each employee in order to have a clear presentiment about the company and existed career opportunities.
Reference List
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