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Dawn Zier of Nutrisystem on When Your Company Is Adrift - Essay Example

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This paper will discuss the managerial roles and the skills that are being adopted by the manager. A case has been drawn from the New York Times website in order to give a practical experience in the analysis. The paper has narrowed in the interview that was conducted to Dawn M. Zier, who is the chief executive of the Nutrisystem. …
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Dawn Zier of Nutrisystem on When Your Company Is Adrift
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Extract of sample "Dawn Zier of Nutrisystem on When Your Company Is Adrift"

DAWN ZIER OF NUTRISYSTEM ON WHEN YOUR COMPANY IS ADRIFT”- A NEW YORK TIMES EXCERPT al Affiliation) “Dawn Zier of Nutrisystemon When Your Company Is Adrift”
This paper will discuss the managerial roles and the skills that are being adopted by the manager. A case has been drawn from the New York Times website in order to give a practical experience in the analysis. The paper has narrowed in the interview that was conducted to Dawn M. Zier, who is the chief executive of the Nutrisystem.
The article “Dawn Zier of Nutrisystem on When Your Company is Adrift” is an interview where Adam Bryant attempts to understand the role played by individual manager’s personality and how it plays in determination of the growth of an organization. It is a systematic interview that reveals the shift of theoretical approaches in management.
Dawn Zier gives very critical responses when asked questions that have bearing of management. For instance, she was asked why she had to set up a new management team and she points that she needed a management that would not be afraid of challenging her. She suggest that what she thinks is appropriate for a management team is a team that is empowered and is able to challenge things that they think are not going right.
Clearly, it would be right to say that there is a shift from authoritarian style of management to human relation, a management theory that appreciate that individual human have ability to make their decision autonomously and self-directed. According to Dawn Zier, she suggests that she need those individuals who could rise to the occasion instead of adopting a wait- and –see approach. Throughout the interview, this could be clearly seen.
She furthers this suggestion when she responds to the question of how she hires. She suggests that she prefer those individuals who are self-made and can manage to change a situation in the organization by themselves. As opposed to a probable traditional management theory where individuals would be treated as machines of production, managers would bow prefer individuals who are innovative and can deal with the organizations’ issues without relying on supervision
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