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Useful Statistics and Research Design Courses - Assignment Example

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This paper "Useful Statistics and Research Design Courses" focuses on the fact that the author has chosen to write a qualitative, exploratory based study. In essence, she will be incorporating a case study design that analyses current perceptions inherent at the Social Security Administration. …
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Useful Statistics and Research Design Courses
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Extract of sample "Useful Statistics and Research Design Courses"

Download file to see previous pages By triangulating both sets of results, I hope to be able to arrive at some solidly based conclusions that are confirmed by both current pieces of research and by working professionals currently employed in government agencies.
In designing this particular study, I realise that is important that my research be credible. I want readers to be able to trust that outcomes that I arrive at, which means that I am now taking the time to ensure my methodology is based on sound research principles, that the research I incorporable is both scholarly and reputable, and that the eventual participants in the survey portion of the study are truly qualified to do so. In addition, as I design the qualitative study, I will be making sure the research is transparent, reliable, and useful to both the academic and business community.
To this point in my dissertation journey, I have taken all three types to research methodology courses. Given the fact that my particular research emphasis is qualitative in nature, I am pleased to note that I received high marks in the qualitative design course. While I did acceptably in the mixed-methods and quantitative design courses, I feel my research gifts lie a bit more in the exploratory nature that the qualitative approach offers. My desire to seek out a current perception in the hiring and promotion process and determine what, if anything, should be done to increase the transparency in this area in public agencies, with a particular emphasis on the Social Security Administration. Having the ability to locate qualified individuals to provide a professional opinion on this important topic, coupled with my own interest in examining current research in this area, enables me to develop a solid qualitative framework.
Moving forward, I do not feel that I need to take any further course in research study design, as quantitative data will not really be useful or needed in this particular study that I am proposing.  My desire is to be able to write a comprehensive report that encompasses both currently available research with real-life case studies from the Social Security Administrative today.  I will analyse both sets of data qualitatively and work hard to draw conclusions and report them in narrative form.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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