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Inaccurate Research in Business Management - Assignment Example

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This paper provides an inaccurate research in business management. Travel data plays a vital role in aiding travel managers in taking control of traveling expenditure, negotiating with suppliers, increase compliance, and manage security and safety risks. …
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Inaccurate Research in Business Management
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Extract of sample "Inaccurate Research in Business Management"

Inaccurate research in business management Inaccurate research in business management Travel data plays a vital role in aiding travel managers to take control of traveling expenditure, negotiate with suppliers, increase compliance, and manage security and safety risks. However, management of travel data requires a great deal of improvement. Different researchers have carried out several studies in efforts to improve travel data. This has resulted in some sloppy and inaccurate research being released. This paper seeks to describe an inaccurate research released in the field of business management.
GBTA Foundation, the Global Business Travel Association released a research with findings that in spite of the exhibited value of travel data, travel managers still struggle to process and manages multiple sources of travel data in order to realize their business goals. GBTA concludes that travel managers waste more than 400000 hours consolidating travel data. I find the details of this research sloppy and inaccurate. This is because, the survey conducted during this research details that travel managers are not yet convinced that they own an accurate or complete picture of the sum total cost of individual trips. The study respondents are depicted to struggle to have their data reconciled, and spend about 442,000 hours in staff time per year, and/ or 22.7 million dollars manually cleaning and reconciling travel data.
These findings are associated with a number of shortcomings in terms of how travel managers receive and use their travel data. This is because, in the same study, it is indicated that about 82% of travel managers agree that they manage multiple data, but experience challenges reconciling differences in reports because of data formatting. In addition, about 64% believe that they have a complete and accurate data, and are within the expenditure expected. Even though these findings could be accurate, the assumptions may not apply to all travel managers. This is because only 15% of travel managers, according to the same study, consolidate their data. Therefore, a huge number of travel managers were probably left out of the study, and the generalization of the results is not warranted, inaccurate.
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