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Corporate Governance in Public Limited Companies in the UK - Coursework Example

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This essay explores the corporate governance in public limited companies in the UK. The researcher states that corporate governance is a system of pre-defined rules, practices, and processes by through which a company is run, controlled and directed…
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Corporate Governance in Public Limited Companies in the UK
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Extract of sample "Corporate Governance in Public Limited Companies in the UK"

Download file to see previous pages The paper tells that in the past years, the increment in freedom has become eminent, in all aspects of business activities thereby creating more opportunities for entrepreneurs. There has been international market development, especially for UK based companies. Cross-borders business relationships have increased dramatically. The UK has also generated a lot of developments. The businesses have clearly indicated that they have the knowledge and the strength to explore new ventures abroad and also in the UK, and have thus helped increase the affluence. The business community wants to show that their enterprises are ready to shoulder this increased responsibly. Many business ventures have realized that by creating good relationships with the stakeholders, there would be more business opportunities that will come up. There should be mutual trust between a company and the public in order to have improved competitiveness and ultimately higher and better living standards of the people. Ensuring that the business community is trustworthy can be done and achieved by improving relationships between the stakeholders, from the top management to the lowest shareholder. The corporate governance system in the UK has been very effective. Regulations that have been established have assisted enterprises in conducting relations between the stakeholders in companies. It was a firm belief among the UK business community that in order to obtain acceptable results, internal governance and supervision within the enterprises should be increased immensely. There was a lot at stake, and it was important that the initiative came from the business community itself and that it pointed out methods to alleviate the confidence of the stakeholders involved and that the public had the right to demand from enterprises. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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