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Leadership of Collin Powell - Essay Example

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This essay discusses that Collin Powell is one of the most revered American leaders in the history of the US who served in various capacities since in the government. Effective leadership skills are crucial for business managers in organization and development of business strategies. …
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Leadership of Collin Powell
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Extract of sample "Leadership of Collin Powell"

Download file to see previous pages From this study it is clear that  the management team have to make sensitive decisions that have positive impacts on the business. In the contemporary business environment, decision making is surrounded by the complexities of the business market making it necessary for the management team to use critical thinking skills to overcome business challenges. For this reason, there are numerous management skills that leaders today can learn from the life of Powell. Powell started his career as a military soon after joining the Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTP) while still in college education. Powell found this as the best decision he made as being in the military was not only his passion but also something that he was good at. In his training, Powell portrayed strong leadership skills even before his graduation. While in the drill team, he managed to win a drilling competition and the general awarded him with a pen set. When he completed his training, he was given a leadership position as an Army second Lieutenant, and it did not take long before he was awarded the position of a platoon leader. In this position, Powell was supposed to guide his troop in times of war. A keen look at the leadership of Powell, he was a leader inspired right from his childhood. He points out the success of a person lies in their ability to find they love to do and what they pretty good at. For one to be an effective leader, they should be in the line of their passion and should strive to specialize in this area. Contemporary management leaders should have an inspiration for excellence as they pursue these positions in management, and this is a passion that they have to nurture right from their early career life. In the army, started on a low tone amid challenges and worked hard to achieve be the best among his troop.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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