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Is trust really required to be an effective leader - Literature review Example

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Abstract The popularity of trust as a concept in the academic analysis and public debate has led to the most of organizations being associated with its concern. In this article, trust has been identified as the major influential factor in relation marketing, capital…
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Is trust really required to be an effective leader
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Extract of sample "Is trust really required to be an effective leader"

Download file to see previous pages Trust in management: the role of employee voice arrangements and perceived managerial opposition to unions Trust in management is an element that is critical for an organization to foster. Trust has been found to contribute positive attitude towards valued work behaviors, and behavioral citizenship to the organization. (Dirks and Ferrin, 2002). Cooperation is a judging key element on how the employees relate with the management. The study is about the relationship between the voice of the employee arrangement and the trust of the employee in management. The literature of the employee relations and the social exchange theory is what brings the voice arrangements in an organization. The article also looks on the higher side to examine the EVA and the trust of employees in management relationship. EVA forms one means of participation and involvement and form part of HR practices and policies of an organization. (Tzafrir et al., 2004). The context of the national relation of employment is critical any relationship evaluation between trust and EVA given the mimetic and the normative pressures the actors are placed on. (Boxall and Purcell, 2011). In conclusion to this article, Union voice which is the provision of a two-way communication between the employees and management through the presence of a union which is incorporated with trust in the work place.
Trust and quality management: Perspectives from marketing and organizational learning In this article trust as a concept is elaborated by comparing with quality management of traditional value. Organizational learning and marketing relationship are the bases of approaching trust in this area where it is a frequent element. The purpose is to create a trust framework based particularly on organizational learning and marketing relationship. Trust has been importantly recognized as a concept in marketing relationship. As trust is component that is more important in every ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Is Trust Really Required to Be an Effective Leader Literature Review - 1.
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