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Management Perspectives on Leadership & Motivation - Assignment Example

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Mary Barra because she is the current C.E.O. of General Motors which is one of the leading car manufacturing companies of the world. We wanted to conduct the interview of a person who should have some position in one of the Fortune 500 companies…
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Management Perspectives on Leadership & Motivation
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Extract of sample "Management Perspectives on Leadership & Motivation"

Pair Section Overview Leader Mary Barra s: Please write s here Email address: Please write email addresses here of Organization:
General Motors
Position or Title:
Chief Executive Officer
One paragraph summary of why you chose to interview this individual:
We have chosen to interview Ms. Mary Barra because she is the current C.E.O. of General Motors which is one of the leading car manufacturing companies of the world. We wanted to conduct the interview of a person who should have some position in one of the Fortune 500 companies. Fortunately, we made our access possible to the chief executive officer of General Motors. We found her very nice, kind hearted, and respectable lady and a very successful leader.
Section 2 –Pair 1 Post Reflection - Two paragraphs
1. What conclusions can you make about the individual’s leadership style?
We have guessed out that Ms. Barra uses a combination of participative and transformational leadership styles at General Motors. She is a kind of leader who looks towards every single matter with deep interest because she is of the viewpoint that negligence towards even a minor issue can result in big problems for the company. She wants to be fully aware of every single issue related to the company. She is also a transformational leader because she has always motivated her employees to show improved efficiency and productivity. She focuses on creativity and innovation. It is due to her effective leadership potential that has kept General Motors on a top position among auto manufactures in the very intense competition within this industry.
2. How does s/he motivate others within the organization?
From the interview, we realized that Ms. Barra has always tried to motivate others to do their best for the company. She motivates employees by making them aware of the benefits that they can receive upon the completion of their assigned job tasks. She has played her role in building the culture of respect and encouragement within the organization in order to keep employees satisfied with their jobs and motivated towards achievement of goals. She thinks employees as the most precious asset of the company and does everything to meet their needs which we think is the best way to keep employees motivated.
Complete the following table for each of the leaders’ that you interviewed.
Integrate Chapters 8 and 9leadership and motivationtheories and concepts into your summaries.
Mary Barra/Student Names
Leader 2 Name/Student Names
Leader 3 Name/Student Names
What leadership style/s were identified? How does their particular style fit in with the theories discussed in Chapter 8?
Participative and transformational leadership. Both of these leadership styles are very effective in bringing desired changes within the organization and leading the organization effectively.
Does the interviewee consider themselves more of a manager or a leader?
Although she is both an effective leader and a successful manager, but we think she is more of a leader as she has a visionary outlook and is able to see long-term effects of any organizational activity. She possesses the ability to influence others using creative and emotional thinking powers of the right brain.
What characteristics/traits were identified as important?
Creativity, visionary outlook, ability to convince others.
What characteristics/traits could potentially damage a leader’s career?
Trying to influence without any solid reason, trying to be over-confident, and trying to impose decisions without rationale.
What sources of power does the interviewee use?
Position power (reward, coercive, legitimate)
Personal power (expert, referent)
Both sources. Position power to design policies that meet organizational and employee needs. Personal power to make logical decisions.
How does this individual motivate his/her employees? Theories? (Chapter 9)
Through positive reinforcement, rewards, and encouragement.
Developing Trust
Dimensions of trust – which ones were identified? What other traits or characteristics were mentioned?
Competence, consistency, and loyalty were identified.
Advice and Current Issues
What advice did this individual suggest?
She suggested that competence, commitment, and dedication are the keys towards personal and professional success.
What current issues were identified?
She said that today employees are not usually satisfied with their jobs and employee turnover is high even when finding a good employment opportunity is not easy. According to Ms. Barry, keeping employees motivated and lowering the employee turnover are the two main issues for organizations these days.
Section 4 – Report Team Summary
Refer to your Summary Table to complete this section. Provide a two to three page summary (single-spaced, please) about what you all learned about leadership, power, motivation, current leadership issues and trust from your leadership interviewees and from Chapters 8 and 9. Include what you all see as current issues in leadership and motivation for today’s leaders and managers. Ensure that you compare and contrast the similarities and differences between the three leaders as part of your summary and tie these back to the chapter readings.
Use appropriate headings to ensure readability. Use appropriate APA referencing.
This section can be done when other two papers done by other pairs are available. Read More
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