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Empathy - Assignment Example

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I am pro-choice and sincerely feel that abortion is a suitable and legitimate healthcare option which all women should be allowed to access safely without stigma or shame. Women should not be coerced to observe the opinions of others or make decisions based on them. There is no…
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Extract of sample "Empathy"

Management – Empathy Management- Empathy Introduction I am pro-choice and sincerely feel that abortion is a suitable and legitimate healthcare option which all women should be allowed to access safely without stigma or shame. Women should not be coerced to observe the opinions of others or make decisions based on them. There is no existing circumstance that should be used to compel women to do what they do not wish to do. Whether a woman is extremely poor and does not have the means to care for another child, or is extremely wealthy and merely does not wish to be inconvenienced, the decision to abort or keep a pregnancy should be left to her. In modern society, the Child Protection Services can easily remove endangered children from unsuitable homes and place them with more deserving families. Allowing a national government to be able to rule over the decisions that women make about their own bodies is a direct violation of their human and civil rights as citizens.
Points of Agreement with Opposing Views
Anti-abortionists oppose the practice of abortion because they believe that it is murder as there is a human being killed. Anti-abortionists believe that abortions destroy women’s bodies. Pro- abortionists also believe this; however, for pro-abortionists, there is no alternative for abortion. It is a known fact that abortion is extremely physically as well as emotionally painful. This means that there is hardly any woman who would choose to opt for an abortion without reflecting on the personal cost to her body and mind. According to Thapa and Neupane (2013) there are also anti-abortionists who have claimed that the legalization of abortion could have other unforeseen effects in regards to the practice of the law. Pro-abortionists also recognize this fact. If abortion was only allowed for women who had been forced to experience rape or incest, there is a very real possibility that desperate women would resort to claiming that they were molested in order to be permitted to procure an abortion. This would also result in the side effect of falsely accused targets who would be unjustly imprisoned.
Points of Disagreement with Opposing Views
Many anti-abortionists believe that women who are denied abortions can somehow find the physical and emotional means to love and accept their children once they are born. This is not reality but unsupported idealism. When women choose to subject their bodies to an abortion, it is because they have few if any options. Children deeply affect the lives of their parents. There are many women who do not realize the extent of responsibility that will fall on them once they have a child. They may not be able to cope with this pressure and thus resort to abortion in order to stop themselves from destroying their lives and subjecting another human being to insupportable living conditions.
Anti-abortionists also believe that women should only be allowed to have abortions when they have been subjected to sexual molestation or incest. According to Charo (2014), more than 15% of all abortions are performed in order to save the mother’s life. This means that abortions are often performed for purely medical reasons. Refusing to recognize this fact would mean condemning thousands of expectant women throughout the world to early deaths.
Comparing the two opposing standpoints on abortion has not changed my view that abortion ought to remain legal. Every year, there are many expectant women who die because they were forced to engage the services of unqualified medical workers to perform abortions as it has not been legalized in their nations. This ought not to be. Anti-abortionists may be sincere in their claims that the lives of unborn babies ought to be preserved. However, they tend to ignore the realities of some of the dangerous circumstances in which women, particularly from the developing nations, fall pregnant.
Charo, R. A. (2014). Physicians and the (womans) body politic. N Engl J Med., 370(3), 193-5.
Thapa, S., & Neupane, S. (2013). Abortion clients of a public-sector clinic and a non-governmental organization clinic in Nepal. J Health Popul Nutr., 31(3), 376-87. Read More
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